Samba TV And 605 Partner On Omniscreen Addressable TV

Samba TV, a global provider of omniscreen advertising and analytics, has partnered with 605, a television measurement and analytics company. The deal provides Samba TV with exclusive addressable access to a subset of 605’s TV viewership dataset and is part of Samba TV’s continued global investment to broaden the reach and representation of its dataset across tens of millions of households throughout […]

Samba TV Unveils Automated Ad Platform

Samba TV is rolling out a self-serve platform integrating Samba’s data to let advertisers buy for TV audiences programmatically. Audience Platform users can access Audience Discovery, Samba’s proprietary planning analysis, and Audience Manager, a feature that allows Audience Discovery results to be divided by segment generation and rapid syndication to any Demand Side Platform (DSP) for programmatic activation.

Kantar Millward Brown, Samba TV Partner

The new analytics partnership plans to offer marketers verified passive TV exposure data integrated into TV advertising effectiveness measurement.

TV Researcher Samba TV Starts DMP

Broadening its efforts for TV marketers, Samba TV is starting a data management platform (DMP) for its TV data in a partnership with Acxiom’s LiveRamp. Samba TV, which provides first-party, real-time TV viewership data, says the new effort will offer “a single, de-duplicated view of the customer journey across linear television, over-the-top and digital media platforms for high-precision, cross-screen targeting of programmatic media.”