Jessell | Satellite TV’s Orbit Is Failing Fast

Both DirecTV and long-time rival Dish Network have recently reported fourth quarter 2018 operating results and the numbers are not good. The satellite operators are suffering from the same problem as cable operators are — the proliferation of broadband OTT services. None of this is good news for broadcasters since the slow migration of subs from cable and satellite to OTT will likely suppress retrans revenue growth.


DirecTV, Dish Need New Biz Or Merger

Satellite TV companies are not like cable TV companies — and that’s a long-term problem. They don’t have the extra-revenue-generating businesses, especially home and mobile phone services, that cable TV operators have.

FCC Rules Tip Retrans Leverage To Satellite

Satellite TV providers can shop around for TV station signals. The FCC has codified the Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010, eliminating a requirement for carriage of in-market TV stations.