ABC, CBS Primetime Scatter Prices Plummet

CBS and ABC suffered lower primetime scatter pricing in the spring and summer 2020 periods due to the cancellation or postponement of major sports events as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both networks see typically higher pricing levels during those periods.

Scatter TV Ad Demand Slows

Near-term TV advertising demand for some TV network inventory is dropping in March/April due to COVID-19 issues, according to media executivesPlanned network TV media dollars for major brand marketers are shifting to what is hoped to be more normal viewing periods in later months.

NFL Sees Lower Sept. Scatter TV Ad Deals

At the start of the season in September, the NFL witnessed lower pricing for individual TV commercials in the scatter TV marketplace, according to media cost research and analysis company SQAD. But overall TV revenue is still higher, according to a separate estimate.