Sinclair Responds To Promo Criticism

Critics are calling Sinclair’s promos pro-Trump propaganda. Now the company is defending the initiative, and calling it something much more mundane: A “corporate news journalistic responsibility promotional campaign.”

Sinclair Promotes Livingston To SVP Of News

The longtime newsman has been with Sinclair since 1991. The company’s CEO Chris Ripley said: “As we expand our local newscasts to 24/7 content centers and reach consumers on multiple devices and platforms, Scott will play a key role in leading our bright future of mobility, social and direct-to-consumer.”

Sinclair: PAC Request Isn’t Conflict Of Interest

Sinclair’s VP for news, Scott Livingston, says he understands why some people may be concerned that the company asked top managers to contribute to the company’s Political Action Committee, but he says he does not believe it is a journalistic conflict of interest. “I do understand the concern but I don’t believe this compromises our journalistic integrity. Our local stations don’t cover the ins and outs of the broadcast regulatory reform.” And, Livingston said, the political action committee is “working to save local broadcasting.”

Sinclair Exec Offers Defense Against Criticism

Sinclair’s VP of News Scott Livingston defended the company and lashed out against what he called “biased” news organizations that have “an agenda to destroy our reputation” in an internal memo obtained by Politico.


Sinclair May Be On The Wrong News Path

Sinclair is building a national TV news organization and there is a lot to like about that. Unfortunately, what’s emerging is one with a conservative bent. If Sinclair wants to give its stations a push to the right that is certainly its prerogative, but I would hope it would not go that route.

Sinclair Brings Local Newscasts To Congress

Combining broadcast, Internet and social media technologies, a new news segment, Connect to Congress, offers Sinclair’s local market viewers “new ways to get answers to questions from their members of Congress.


Pick The Brains Of Station Group News Pros

LivingstonMaushardThe annual NewsTECHForum from TVNewsCheck and Sports Video Group will begin Dec. 14. A gathering of leading TV station group news executives will address operational and technical challenges that news pros face in covering stories, particularly big breaking stories, as well as how local TV news can Friendcompete with — and take advantage of Feder — digital media. The TV Station Group Perspective panel features Scott Livingston, VP of news, Sinclair; Barbara Maushard, VP of news, Hearst; Bart Feder, VP of news, Tribune Broadcasting; and David Friend, SVP, news, CBS TV Stations. For more information on NewsTECHForum and to register, click here.

Sinclair Names Scott Livingston VP Of News

The group owner promotes the news director of its WBFF Baltimore to lead news operations at its 41 news-producing stations.