S.E.C. Sues Elon Musk To Compel Him To Testify On Twitter Purchase

The agency said Musk was subpoenaed to testify last month about his purchases of Twitter’s stock last year, but he failed to appear.

Ozy Media Faces Federal Investigations

The Justice Department and the SEC have contacted companies that discussed investing in the Silicon Valley media business.

Former Netflix Software Engineer, Brother Plead Guilty To Million-Dollar Insider Trading Scheme

One of the three former Netflix software engineers charged with insider trading by the Securities and Exchange Commission has pleaded guilty. Sung Mo Jun, 49, and his brother Joon Jun, 45, pleaded guilty Monday in U.S. District Court in Seattle to securities fraud stemming from their roles in an insider trading ring that they say generated more than $1 million in illegal proceeds, according to Acting U.S. Attorney Tessa M. Gorman.

Standard General Calls For Investigation Into Allegations Of Racism At Tegna

The station group’s largest active shareholder is demanding Tegna open its books for an investigation into charges of bias and discrimination. The station group, meanwhile, says the allegations against it are “distorted.”