Autumn Brings Spot-Level Attribution To TV

This year, for the first time ever, the majority of networks launching and relaunching shows will be tracking the success of their TV campaigns with spot level, success metrics and attribution derived from direct-viewing measures: digital set-top-box viewing data.

Nielsen To Boost Local Samples, Use STBs

After lengthy testing, Nielsen has a plan that would upend its measurement system for local markets by increasing sample sizes significantly, while also using set-top-box (STB) data and a new device known as a code reader.

Set-Top Data Offers Upscale Demo Info

A top CNBC researcher suggested Wednesday that set-top-box data can offer more stable measurement for upscale viewers, since it is drawn from a larger sample size than a Nielsen panel. The matter is of particular interest to CNBC as it looks to attract advertisers willing to pay a premium to reach wealthier viewers.

Rentrak Adds Cable Provider to Database

New contract with Midcontinent Communications provides additional intelligence on set-top box viewing behavior.