Georgia Sheriff Pleads Guilty To Groping TV Judge Hatchett

MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia sheriff pleaded guilty to groping TV judge Glenda Hatchett during a law enforcement conference last year and resigned from office Monday. Bleckley County Sheriff […]

‘Stranger Things’ Actress Grace Van Dien Says She’s Stepping Back From Acting After A Producer Sexually Harassed Her

Cosby Prosecutors Urge Supreme Court To Restore Conviction

Prosecutors asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review the decision that overturned Cosby’s sexual assault conviction. In a petition filed Monday, Nov. 29, they wrote that courts should not equate a supposed promise made by a former prosecutor to lifetime immunity.

Eliza Dushku Speaks Out On Sexual Harassment, Firing And Retaliation On CBS’s ‘Bull’

Actor Eliza Dushku shared her experience facing sexual harassment on the set of CBS’s Bull in front of a House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, speaking out about being fired from the show and forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

BBC Overhauls Bullying And Sexual Harassment Guidelines On Set

Former News Producer Says Chris Cuomo Once Touched Her Inappropriately

Shelley Ross, a former executive producer at ABC News and CBS News, said CNN anchor Chris Cuomo sexually harassed her, describing a public incident at a going away party for a colleague in 2005. In an essay published in the New York Times this morning, Ross says she doesn’t want Cuomo to lose his job but hopes instead he’ll use his power to “make change.”

Disney Declines To Investigate ABC News’ Handling Of Sexual Assault Accusation

WTOC Sports Anchor Says She Was ‘All Kinds Of Violated’ During Clemson Game

Fox News Fined Channel $1 Million For Sex Harassment And Retaliation

As part of a settlement agreement announced Tuesday, Fox also agreed to mandate anti-harassment training for its New York-based staff and contributors and to temporarily allow people who allege misconduct under human rights law to bring claims and not be subject to binding arbitration.

SAG-AFTRA Heralds Guidelines For Preventing Sexual Harassment

Hearst Magazines President Troy Young Resigns After Allegations Of Sexist Remarks

Ex-NBC News Staffer Alleges Sexual Harassment

Former NBC News staffer and conservative pundit Emily Miller said on Sunday that during her tenure at the network in the 1990s, “older men and men in power” propositioned her and dangled a promotion in exchange for sex.

Charlie Rose Faces New Harassment Allegations

Gina Riggi, a longtime makeup artist says Rose used his Bloomberg TV studio as “a sexual hunting ground.”

‘Rookie’ Star Alleges Harassment, Discrimination

In an Instagram post Sunday, Afton Williamson said that throughout the filming of the ABC show’s pilot, “I experienced racial discrimination/racially charged inappropriate comments from the hair department.”

SAG-AFTRA Finds Kip Pardue Guilty Of Sexual Harassment


Collins | Helping Employers, Employees Navigate #MeToo

Media companies have been front and center in some of the high-profile cases of sexual harassment that spawned the #MeToo Movement. What is most important to focus on now is how companies can work to prevent sexual harassment from overshadowing the important work they are doing.

Comcast Board Urged To End NBC Harassment

Linda Vester, a former NBC News correspondent who accused Tom Brokaw of sexual assault earlier this year, is calling on the Comcast board of directors to do a thorough investigation of harassment at NBC. Vester took out an ad in Thursday’s New York Times, calling on the board to end non-disclosure agreements and forced arbitration in sexual harassment cases.

Google Changes Sexual Harassment Policies

Alphabet Inc.’s Google said on Thursday it would make changes to how it handles sexual harassment claims, a week after thousands of its employees around the world walked off their jobs to protest its response to such issues.

Hallmark Channel Chef Claims She Was Fired For Reporting Harassment

Time’s Up Blasts Expected Moonves Package

Time’s Up put out a statement Thursday criticizing the $100 million settlement package that CBS CEO Les Moonves is reportedly set to receive in his widely-expected exit from the company. “[This] settlement sends a message to survivors everywhere that powerful men can act without fear of consequence.”

MPR, Garrison Keillor Reach Agreement

Charlie Rose: ‘Broken,’ ‘Brilliant’ And ‘Lonely’

Before the devastating allegations of sexual misconduct hit, Rose was a legendary man-about-town. Now, the former CBS and PBS star, one of TV’s most feted journalists, is hiding out on Long Island with occasional, mostly disastrous forays into Manhattan: “He’s focusing on trying to understand.”

New Initiatives Address Newsroom Culture

Two new initiatives are working to correct shortcomings in newsroom cultures that are creating environments ripe for harassment and abuse: Press Forward and the Power Shift Project.

Broadcasters Prep For Their #MeToo Moment

Group Wants To Make Newsrooms Safer

Press Forward launched a website Tuesday that defines sexual assault and offers advice to women for what they should do if they feel harassed. It also lists “rules of thumb” for people in dealing with the opposite sex at work.

Jeffrey Tambor Accuser Details Allegations

Van Barnes, former assistant of Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor, appeared on Wednesday’s edition of NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today to detail the sexual harassment allegations she has leveled against the actor.

TV Academy Sets New Conduct Standards

It is the latest Hollywood body to institute new workplace practices in the wake of the harassment allegations that have roiled the industry.

Shocking Hollywood Sex Misconduct Findings

Almost every one of hundreds of women questioned in an exclusive survey by USA Today (94%) say they have experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault during their careers in Hollywood. Worse, more than one-fifth of respondents (21%) say they have been forced to do something sexual at least once.

Tavis Smiley Sues PBS For Dropping Him

Smiley claims PBS used a sexual misconduct investigation as a pretext to get rid of him, but the network says the decision to suspend his show was justified.

Tambor Officially Dropped From ‘Transparent’

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Amazon Studios says “Transparent” star Jeffrey Tambor won’t be on the series when it returns for its fifth season, prompting the Emmy winner to denounce what […]

New York AG Files Suit Against Weinstein Co.

“As alleged in our complaint, The Weinstein Company repeatedly broke New York law by failing to protect its employees from pervasive sexual harassment, intimidation, and discrimination,” state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in court papers filed against Harvey Weinstein and the company.

Public Media Studies How To Prevent Harassment

#MeToo: Sexual Harassment In The Newsroom

What’s come to be known as the #MeToo movement gained momentum through a series of celebrity takedowns, starting with Harvey Weinstein, then ricocheted throughout the media and entertainment worlds. Late last fall, the Columbia Journalism Review set out to explore the problem beyond the household names, turning the spotlight on the everyday experiences of (mostly) women in journalism. CJR asked its readers to tell their harassment stories.

Ryan Lizza Resumes Work At CNN

WWE Fires Champ After Rape Accusation

‘Resident’ Consultant Under Harassment Review

LA Times Investigating Its Publisher

Los Angeles Times’ parent company, Tronc, said Thursday that it had opened an investigation into past conduct of Times Publisher Ross Levinsohn following a detailed report by NPR. NPR’s media writer David Folkenflik reported that Levinsohn has been a defendant in two sexual harassment lawsuits and that the executive engaged in “frat-boy” behavior in work settings before joining the Times in August.


High Costs Of Harassment, Discrimination

Companies need to take a more proactive approach to eliminate the possibility of these problems from occurring in their ranks. They should develop zero-tolerance policies against harassment and retaliation. They need to create a safe environment for reporting claims and institute clearly defined steps for reporting and investigating harassment.

Katie Couric Breaks Silence On Matt Lauer

Katie Couric, who was Matt Lauer’s “Today” co-host for several years, broke her silence Saturday on sexual misconduct allegations against him. Couric told People magazine: “I had no idea this […]

Aziz Ansari Responds To Sexual Allegations

“It was true that everything did seem OK to me, so when I heard that it was not the case for her, I was surprised and concerned,” the Master of None star says.