Eliza Dushku Speaks Out About ‘Bull’ Harassment

The actress wrote an op-ed in The Boston Globe about her $9.5 million settlement after on-set sexual comments from Michael Weatherly, star of the CBS show Bull, made her uncomfortable when she was beginning a run as a recurring character.

No Indication CBS Will Release Moonves Findings

Leslie Moonves, once the most powerful executive in the television industry, lost a $120 million payout Monday when the CBS board of directors concluded that there were grounds to fire him because of violations of network policy and his “willful failure” to cooperate with the investigation. The board cited a just-concluded report by outside investigators, but the network is not spelling out the details.


CBS Deserves No Ovation As Moonves Drama Ends

On the one hand, #MeToo has taken away a lot of the shame and fear of speaking up about sexual assault, it’s made pariahs of some of the accused — like Moonves and fellow entertainment executive Harvey Weinstein — and it’s given women hope. But it shouldn’t have taken a media spotlight to remove a leader who had so grossly abused his power for years; even then, the inclination of CBS’s board was reportedly to protect him.

‘SMILF’ Creator Cleared Of Misconduct Accusation

Keillor Back In Spotlight After Misconduct Allegation

FRIDLEY, Minn. (AP) — Garrison Keillor looked comfortable on the small stage as he sang Christmas lullabies, told off-color limericks and spun a tale about a lutefisk dinner at the fictitious Lake Wobegon. Starting off with his familiar opener “Tishomingo Blues,” Keillor offered up a warm, nostalgic take on his former public radio show “A […]

CBS Says No $120M Severance For Moonves

Former CBS CEO  Leslie Moonves will not receive his $120 million severance package after the company’s board of directors determined he was fired “with cause” over sexual misconduct allegations. The board said Monday it reached its decision after finding that Moonves failed to cooperate fully with investigators looking into the allegations. The board also cited what it called Moonves’ “willful and material misfeasance,” violation of company policies and breach of his contract.

The Year Of Reckoning At CBS

In the past 13 months, CBS has undergone a companywide reckoning in the wake of the #MeToo movement that has stretched from its morning show to its primetime lineup, its news division to its executive suite. Three powerful men at the company — Leslie Moonves, its chief executive; Charlie Rose, its morning show anchor; and Jeff Fager, the executive producer of 60 Minutes — have all lost their jobs because of workplace conduct.

Michael Weatherly’s Former ‘NCIS’ Co-Stars Defend Him

CBS Gives $20M To Anti-Harassment Groups

CBS Corp. said Friday it would award $20 million that was originally earmarked for severance for its former CEO, Leslie Moonves, to 18 different organizations that work to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.


CBS And A Pattern Of Toxic Masculinity

The pattern of behavior is undeniable: Men who should have been called out for bad behavior instead protected one another, while women who dared raise their voices were punished and paid off.