Elevate your media sales game: embracing data for a competitive advantage

In the ever-changing world of media sales management, the reliance on intuition and manual spreadsheets is giving way to a data-centric paradigm. This article explores the shift, emphasizing the critical role of third-party software solutions like the ShareBuilder Platform in streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring sales managers thrive in the dynamic landscape of today’s media sales environment.

ShareBuilders Rolls Out New Media Sales Platform

ShareBuilders, a media sales software company, has launched the ShareBuilder Platform, a web-based media sales solution designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams in the media industry. […]


The data-driven road to maximizing ad revenue and market share

To optimize revenue in a changing media ecosystem, sales leaders must master the art — and science — of selling to the right customers at the right time. Data management and a consistent forecasting cadence empowers managers to optimize inventory and pricing, with the goal of expanding market share.

ShareBuilders Merges With Efficio Solutions

ShareBuilders Inc., a provider of yield management solutions for the broadcast media sales industry, today announced a merger with Efficio Solutions Inc., a broadcast industry specialist in media sales management, […]