Quicklink Xstream Handles Multiple Skype Calls

The latest TX from Quicklink is a solution that delivers reception and transmission of multiple Skype video calls through multiple SDI interfaces. The Xstream is equipped with dual Xeon multi core processors allowing management of up to eight simultaneous full frame HD two way Skype calls. The multiple incoming Skype calls can be queued and […]


BBC World News To Deploy Quicklink Skype TX

Skype Founders Gunning For Netflix With Vdio

Skype Buying Group Message System GroupMe

NEW YORK (AP) — Skype is expanding even before it gets absorbed by Microsoft Corp. The online communications service said Monday that it plans to buy GroupMe, which provides group text messaging. Skype lets users make calls, conduct video chats and send instant messages over the Web. Its basic services are free, while users pay […]

Facebook Launches Video Chat With Skype

Kicking off what he promised would be the start of “launching season 2011” as well as the start of a new era of social networking, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced an integration deal between Facebook and Skype.


No Remote Camera? Don’t Sweat It, Skype It

More and more broadcasters are using a new generation of lower cost, more specialized scan converters that turn Skype calls, YouTube, Google maps and other common computer-generated video into broadcast-ready video. And some cost less than $1,000.

Comcast To Offer Subs Skype On Their TVs

In the cable television industry’s latest extension into home communication, Comcast and Skype announced on Monday that some Comcast customers would soon be able to video chat on their TV sets from the comfort of their living rooms.

What The Skype Deal Means For Social TV

For news organizations that increasingly use Skype for live interviews, the Microsoft acquisition could be good news. Skype is still reeling a bit from its December outage, and Microsoft could beef up Skype’s dependability. For TV, that’s critical. In addition, Skype is becoming a big video player — 40% of its daily calls are video calls. “Video ads is one of the biggest opportunities we see moving forward,” said Skype CEO Tony Bates. “We’re just at the beginning of that in the U.S.”

Microsoft Near Deal To Acquire Skype

Microsoft Corp. is close to a deal to buy Internet phone company Skype Technologies SA for between $7 billion and $8 billion — the most aggressive move yet by Microsoft to play in the increasingly-converged worlds of communication, information and entertainment.