How To Plan, Staff And Monetize SMB Content

For newspapers, TV, radio and other local media companies focused on creating content for SMBs, success depends on the actual execution and tracking of a content plan. In the final part of a three-part CrowdCheck, Local Market Launch’s Gideon Rubin describes how SMBs and the publishing agencies that represent them can effectively plan, staff, execute and profitably scale their content production strategies. Read parts one and two here.


10 Important Local Marketing Trends For 2014

The digital world that small businesses need to navigate becomes increasingly more complicated each year. But Court Cunningham, CEO of Yodle, says that new trends in store for 2014 will help simplify SMBs’ digital marketing efforts. “In 2014, I believe the complexities in local online marketing will continue to grow, but as local marketing automation systems emerge this complexity will become manageable and simplified for SMBs,” Cunningham says.


Sales App For Reps Who Hate Homework

BuzzBoard, a tablet-based sales tool app tailored to media companies offering SMB-targeted digital marketing services, does all the homework for sales reps, evaluating a client’s current Web presence and performance and allowing reps to pinpoint digitally needy local businesses.