Key To Social TV Measurement Is In Details

 In order to get a total snapshot of social TV activity, measurement needs to account for the diverse and ever-changing ways consumers interact with programs. With that in mind, a recent Nielsen study took a closer look at two key considerations: classifiers and content type.

Nielsen: How To Deliver Total Social TV Measurement

Social TV Firms Come Up With Different Hits

Analytics firms working in the social TV space continue to market their methods, each with a secret sauce. That proprietary mix can vary in terms of sources mined; breadth of terms picked up; length of time used in searching; and other factors.

Bluefin Labs Rolls Out Social TV Ratings

Traditional TV ratings measure how many people are watching, but a new ratings system developed by Bluefin Labs measures how viewers respond to television. Led by the head of the Cognitive Machines group at MIT Media Lab, Bluefin Labs says it mapped the “TV genome” to come up with a new set of metrics it calls Response Level and Response Share.