ABC Finishes No. 1 In Eclipse Ratings Race

25.6 million viewers watched Monday afternoon TV coverage of the eclipse. 27.8 million viewers watched President Trump’s Afghanistan address that night.

Eclipse Draws 5.1M Viewers To Cable News

How The Networks Covered The Eclipse

The broadcast and cable networks alike rolled out coverage of the Aug. 21 solar eclipse with special branding and reports Monday afternoon. Here’s a roundup.

TV Goes Totally Looney For Lunar Moment

Major TV networks are gearing up to cover Monday’s solar eclipse as if it were a sporting event — the Super Bowl of the scientific world. The first total solar eclipse to cross the United States since 1917 and the first to be visible from the mainland since 1979 is set to begin around 1:15 p.m. ET. The eclipse will be visible for another 90 minutes in varying degrees around the country. Here’s is a list of major networks offering extensive eclipse coverage on Monday

How To Watch The Solar Eclipse On TV

For those not in the 14 states that make up the eclipse’s “path of totality,” here’s a look at some of the viewing opportunities online and on TV.