Sony Delivers Worthy VR Experience

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sony isn’t the first to make virtual reality a reality, but in waiting, the company has delivered a worthy experience that’s cheaper, more comfortable and more […]

PlayStation Drops Music Service For Spotify

Spotify hits the PlayStation 3 and 4 next Monday, with a new app adapted for large television screens. Sony says partnering with Spotify expands its music service to 41 countries, rather than the 19 available with Sony’s own Music Unlimited, and offers better tools for playlists and music discovery.

Sony Unveils Original PlayStation TV Show

Sony has now made it official: the first original television show for the PlayStation is coming, and it is called Powers. The show is an adaptation of the graphic novel written by Brian Michael Bendis and combines elements of police procedurals, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Sony, Viacom Reach Online Pay-TV Deal

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sony has reached a preliminary agreement with Viacom to carry the media company’s cable channels on Sony’s planned Internet-based TV service. Initially, at least, the service is expected to be available via Sony’s PlayStation gaming console — a new edition of which could be released soon — as well as Bravia HDTVs, but later will also work on other Sony devices including tablets and smartphones. WSJ subscribers can read the full story here.

Sony Takes Aim At Microsoft With PlayStation 4

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sony broke out the heavy ammunition Monday against Microsoft, announcing its forthcoming PlayStation 4 will cost $399 — $100 less than the competing Xbox One. “The […]