‘Squid Game’ Reality Show Debuts On Netflix

Competition series Squid Game: The Challenge has debuted on Netflix. Based on the hit drama from 2021, it sees 456 players enter and try to win $4.56 million. Five episodes are available Nov. 22. Four more come out Nov. 29, and the season finale premieres Dec. 6.

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‘Squid Game’ Reality Series Coming To Netflix With Biggest Cash Prize In TV History

The streaming home to the hit survival drama announced Squid Game: The Challenge, with 456 players in real-life competition in a series of games for a record-setting $4.56 million purse.

‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Greenlighted By Netflix

It’s official: Netflix has renewed its biggest series, Squid Game, for a second season. The follow-up had been in development, and Netflix brass — as well as the series’ writer, director and executive producer Hwang Dong-hyuk and main cast — had teased a return of the show following the runaway success of the initial installment.

‘Squid Game’ Will Get A Second Season, Netflix Confirms

It’s officially a green light: Squid Game, Netflix’s breakout hit of 2021, will be getting a Season 2, Ted Sarandos, co-CEO and chief content officer, affirmed Thursday. On Netflix’s fourth quarter 2021 earnings Q&A, Sarandos was asked whether there would be a second season of the violent South Korean survival drama, which has scored as the company’s No. 1 most-viewed TV series. v“Absolutely,” Sarandos replied. “The Squid Game universe has just begun.”

‘Squid Game’ Was Most-Tweeted TV Show Of 2021

‘Squid Game’ Dominance Continues

Squid Game remained the dominant force in U.S. streaming from October 4 to 10, according to Nielsen, once again racking up more than 3 billion minutes of viewing. The Korean drama, Netflix’s top all-time original with viewing by 142 million global households according to the company, attracted 3.26 billion viewing hours in its previous week. That made it just the sixth title to clear the 3 billion mark since Nielsen began tracking streaming in 2020. The most recent week saw a slight dip to 3.02 billion, but the show’s hold was impressive.

‘Squid Game’ To Compete As Drama, Not Limited Series, At 2022 Awards Shows

Though Netflix’s most popular (OK, “sampled”) original series has yet to be renewed for any additional season, the nine-episode Korean thriller will compete as a drama series, and not as a limited series, at upcoming awards shows (including next fall’s Emmys). It thus will throw in against the anticipated likes of Succession, Better Call Saul‘s final season, The White Lotus and the farewell season of This Is Us.

‘Squid Game’ Dominates Nielsen Top 10 Chart Again

Netflix’s Squid Game utterly dominated Nielsen’s latest U.S. streaming ranking, and it did so by joining the elite “3 Billion Club” — as in, total minutes viewed during the week-long evaluation period.

‘Squid Game’ Vaults To Top Of Nielsen Streaming Ranking

For the Week of Sept. 20, the Netflix megahit amassed 1.9 billion minutes viewed across its nine episodes, easily besting all other original streaming series.

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The ‘Squid Game’ Effect: Non-English Content Is Big MIPCOM Trend

The global success of Netflix’s Korean drama Squid Game illustrates the growing strength of non-English-language programming worldwide.

Netflix Phenom ‘Squid Game’ Got Off To Surprisingly Slow Start

The Korean-language limited series, which had Netflix’s biggest first-28-day premiere ever, drew only 206 million viewing minutes during its first week on the platform.

‘Squid Game’ Shatters Netflix’s 28-Day Viewership Record

The dystopian-themed Korean hit surpasses Extraction as the streaming platform’s most initially viewed show.

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Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Soars In Weekend Streaming Share

Backing Netflix executives’ projections that Squid Game would be its biggest global TV series ever, TV analytics company TVision says the South Korean dystopian drama pulled in a massive 11% of all streaming time spent by U.S. viewers this past weekend.

Netflix Hits Record As ‘Squid Game’ Extends Content-Fueled Rally