Hubbard: Trump No Threat To Free Press

Picking up an RTNDF award last night, outspoken TV broadcaster Stanley S. Hubbard said that TV news organizations shouldn’t worry about Trump’s incessant media bashing. “I don’t think Trump or anyone else will take away [the First Amendment]. The president has the right to be a jerk just like anybody else.”

Hubbard Finally Throws Support To Trump

Once a big donor to the anti-Trump movement, billionaire broadcasting executive Stanley Hubbard is now backing the presumptive GOP nominee. Hubbard says he is still no fan of Trump, but that he viewed him as a better choice than Hillary Clinton. And he called on the party’s donor class, much of which remains deeply skeptical of Trump, to get on board.

Hubbard Not Shy With His Political Opinions

Stanley S. Hubbard, the conservative Twin Cities broadcast mogul, has given millions to political campaigns. Now he’s waiting to see which presidential candidate “rises to the top.”

Reelz: Miss USA Belongs On Broadcast

Nielsen said fewer than 1 million people watched, down from 5.6 million viewers on NBC in 2014. While Reelz CEO Stan Hubbard acknowledged “we didn’t do NBC numbers,” the ratings worked for the family-owned, independent Reelz channel because it provided an introduction to new viewers and advertisers. “They belong on a broadcast network,” Hubbard told journalists Sunday.