Google To Pay $392M To Settle With State AGs Over Location Privacy

Google has agreed to pay $392 million to settle claims brought by 40 state attorneys general who alleged the company misled smartphone users about the collection of their location data. The settlement agreements, unveiled Monday, also require Google to make additional disclosures to consumers about the collection and use of their location history.

States Say They Will Appeal Dismissal Of Their Facebook Antitrust Suit

A federal judge eviscerated arguments by more than 40 state attorneys general that Facebook had a monopoly.

States Launch Facebook Antitrust Investigation

The investigation by a coalition of 47 state attroneys general focuses on whether Facebook’s dominance in the industry may have led to anticompetitive behavior that harms consumers.

Big Tech Faces New Antitrust Battlefield

Following years of federal inaction, the nation’s state attorneys general are initiating sweeping antitrust investigations against Silicon Valley’s largest Big Tech companies, probing whether they undermine rivals and harm consumers. Their latest salvo arrives today, when more than 40 attorneys general are expected to announce their plan to investigate Google, delivering a rare rebuke of the search-and-advertising giant — and its efforts to maintain that dominance — from the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court.

State AGs Investigating Facebook

A healthy handful of states is investigating Facebook over antitrust issues. New York Attorney General Letitia James today confirmed that she is heading up a “bipartisan coalition” of state AGs — nine in all so far — looking into the company to see whether it has used its social media dominance anticompetitively.

Lawsuits Filed To Block Net Neutrality Repeal

A group of attorneys general for 21 states and the District of Columbia sued Tuesday to block the rules. So did Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox browser, public-interest group Free Press and New America’s Open Technology Institute. Others may file suit as well, and a major tech-industry lobbying group has said it will support litigation.

MN AG To Sue FCC Over Net Neutrality Repeal

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson says she plans to join peers from other states in challenging federal rule changes to internet access. Swanson told supporters in an email that she and other attorneys general would sue over the FCC recent decision to repeal the so-called net neutrality rule, which prevented service providers from blocking certain sites or setting rates based on content.

PTC Urging States To Investigate ‘Skins’

The Parents Television Council is urging members to contact their state attorneys general, urging them to investigate whether local cable and satellite providers violated child pornography laws by distributing the MTV show.