House To Intro STELA Bipartisan Agreement

House Commerce’s Republicans and Democrats are ready to introduce a compromise version of the Satellite Television Extension Localism Act today. The new bill combines provisions from a STELA bill the House passed earlier and Senate Commerce’s version of the bill, STAVRA (Satellite Television Access and Viewer Rights Act). The legislation, to be introduced by Fred Upton, Greg Walden and ranking member Anna Eshoo, would prohibit joint retrans negotiations and eliminate the set-top box integration ban, according to a committee spokesman.

Commerce Committee Passes STAVRA

The Senate panel OKs the satellite-broadcaster retrans legislation without the Local Choice provision sought by cable.  

B’casters Air Concerns Over STAVRA Draft

The chairs of the ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC Affiliate Boards say the current draft of the Satellite Television Access and Viewer Rights Act still includes provisions that are unfair to broadcasters and undermine viewers’ free access to local TV programming.


‘Local Choice’ Gone From Senate STAVRA Bill

The retrans reform proposal for a la carte channel selection is removed from the Satellite Television Access and Viewer Rights Act. NAB applauds the decision, saying: “NAB is thankful for the consideration Senate Commerce Committee members gave the ‘Local Choice’ proposal and for recognizing the unintended negative consequences this measure would have had on localism, broadcasters and our millions of viewers.”