Happy Trails Remembered


After 40 Years, Davis Still Loves Learning

Steve Davis, EVP and chief technology officer at Crawford Media Services in Atlanta, will wrap up a 40-year career in the media and entertainment industry next month. During that time, he’s seen lots of technical advancements and has gained some interesting insights on their impact on storytelling for television. As he prepares to leave, Davis reflects on the important technological changes he has witnessed and the need to pursue a career in this industry with a burning desire to learn.


Crawford Charts New Path To Digital Storage

Crawford Media Services in Atlanta was approaching a decision point when it came to the digital storage it was using for archiving clients’ media assets. If left unchecked, the end-of-life failure rate of disks in its arrays was on track to overtake the time needed to rebuild its RAIDs. To protect its data, lower the cost of storage and position itself for future expansion, the company set off in a new direction to take advantage of erasure code, more efficient data spread policies and object-based storage. Above, Crawford’s Engage gives clients a way to search through their digitally archived assets from a web browser.

Kantar Makes Trio Of Exec Appointments

George Carens named President of Kantar Media Intelligence North America; Steve Davis becomes president of Kantar Media SRDS; and David Hamric is tapped as GM of Marx, a Kantar Media solution.