Back-Office Systems Need Foward Thinking

Before his sudden and tragic death last April, Belo’s Steve McIntosh argued for a new generation of traffic and billing systems that would integrate all the services that broadcasters are now offering. “By continuing the status quo we chain ourselves to the past and forgo — or at least severely limit — our ability to capitalize on what the future may hold,” he wrote.

Belo Executive Shot And Killed Last Friday

Steve McIntosh, VP and general manager of Belo Advertising Customer Service, was gunned down last Friday in Arlington, Texas, by a college student who then killed himself. The incident happened in front of a school where McIntosh had gone to pick up his three-year-old daugther. Police are still trying to piece the incident together, but they know that the gunman, as a student at the University of Texas at Arlington, had received counseling from McIntosh’s wife. McIntosh was 42.