Verizon Releases Stream TV Second-Generation Model

Comcast: Stream TV Is Coming. We Swear.

Two years ago, Comcast announced it would launch a live streaming service called Stream TV that would include your local network affiliates, and HBO, for just $15 a month. However, since that ballyhooed announcement, the cable operator has launched Stream in just two markets — Chicago and Boston. But now, Comcast says, Stream will finally go nationwide later this year, although it will carry the name, Xfinity Instant TV.

Comcast’s Stream TV Draws FCC Complaint

Public Knowledge has filed a complaint with the FCC over Comcast excluding its Stream TV OTT service from its customers’ data caps. The complaint says the service doesn’t gel with the FCC’s Open Internet rules and also violates Comcast’s NBCUniversal merger commitments.

Comcast: We Need ‘Surgical’ Video Strategy

On the same day that Comcast finally launched the anticipated trial of its IP-based Stream TV service in Boston, the MSO’s video chief, Matt Strauss, laid out his company’s vision for video services to investors at the Wells Fargo Securities Technology, Media & Telecom conference in New York.