Fusion Looks Outside The (Cable) Box

For Fusion, it’s all about building an audience. That’s why the digital media company and cable TV network today announced a new app on the over-the-top streaming service Roku.


Hulu’s Originals To Be Released Weekly

Hulu doesn’t want its subscribers to find themselves in a TV coma, so it’s opting to release its upcoming original series in weekly episodes. “With all of our new originals, we will release episodes weekly,” Craig Erwich, head of content at Hulu says. “We want to give viewers the opportunity to discover their favorite shows every week. Like you, we value the shared experience and the joy of the watercooler that is television.”

MLB In $600M Pact For NHL TV, Streaming


Millennials Barely Watch Regular TV

A new study finds that just 18% of their television time is spent viewing live broadcast or cable. The majority of their viewing is done on digital devices. SmithGeiger’s Seth Geiger talks about the results.

Netflix Streamlines Its Old Business

Instead of ignoring its DVD-by-mail operation that was dwindling but still bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits every year, the company concentrated on efficiency.

Apple Explores ‘Special Occasion’ Streaming

Apple has been chatting up broadcast network groups to get them on board its Internet-enabled streaming TV service. Another thing it wants, according to our tipsters, is a new free-of-charge channel concept created from, say, library stock.

Japan TV Nets To Launch TVer OTT Platform

Japan’s five Tokyo-based commercial TV networks will jointly launch a service to stream their new shows on the Internet, starting in October. Called TVer, the service will offer the shows, including popular variety and drama programs, free of charge with commercials generating revenue. Each network will supply about 10 shows weekly and each show will be streamed for about one week.


Netfilx Delivers Strong 2Q, Adds 3.3M Subs

Netflix’s second-quarter performance followed a familiar script of rapid subscriber growth that has enthralled investors. Netflix added 3.3 million subscribers in the April-to-June period, giving it more than 65 million, a reach of around half the nation’s 123 million households.

Cutting The Cord While Keeping The Bundle

Sahil Patel looks at Comcast’s announcement on Monday that it will debut a new Web-based option, Stream, and finds it’s a clever test of OTT distribution while actually keeping the bundle intact (the service is available only to Comcast’s Internet subscribers). “As much as the TV business is forced to adapt and change, it’s trying equally hard to keep what it can intact,” he writes.

Comcast Offers Its Web Alternative To Cable

At first, Comcast’s Stream service will be offered in three cities and include programs from about a dozen networks. The $15-a-month service, which will provide access to live and on-demand programming, reflects a mainstream cable company’s effort to stay relevant as streaming grows in popularity.

Netflix Use Up, Doesn’t Impact Pay TV

Netflix may have very little effect on traditional pay TV business — at least according to a new study. In contrast to many industry estimates, The Diffusion Group found that cable, satellite and IPTV use among Netflix homes declined only marginally between 2012 and 2015.

7 Things To Know About Millennials & Video

The results of a new survey on the use of original digital video challenge the assumptions commonly made by many, typically older, media executives about how young people choose, watch and share this video. Here are the seven things they need to know about this importance audience.

TV Streaming Rises As Digital Usage Grows

Nearly 30% of all TV viewing — subscription, free video sites, connected TV devices — comes via digital streaming, according to a new survey. Subscription or free online platforms for a computer or mobile device account for 16% of time spent with TV content, according to a new GfK MRI report. Connected TV streaming — traditional TV set — amount to 9%; and 3% comes from game consoles and other platforms.

TiVo Offers Deal To Ex-Aereo Customers

TiVo has launched a promo for ex-Aereo customers that gives them a Roamio OTA box, a TiVo Stream and two years of service for no money down and $20 per month.

Big Question: Will Netflix Ever Run Ads?

It’s the biggest threat to traditional TV among digital options. Though it has thrived as a subscription service, many buyers see the addition of advertising as inevitable.

Showtime Has Launched Its Streaming Service

The OTT era has begun at Showtime. The premium cable network launched its new stand-alone streaming service Tuesday. The service, which is also called Showtime, is available for $10.99 per month via Apple, Roku, PlayStation Vue and Showtime.com. Hulu subscribers can add Showtime at a discounted rate, for $8.99 per month, on top of Hulu’s $7.99 monthly fee.

Classic TV In Demand On Streaming Sites

Vintage shows and films, from ’60s sitcoms to British TV favorites to Charlie Chaplin movies, are finding a new audience on sites such as Netflix and Hulu.

Lifetime To Launch Movie Streaming Service

Lifetime will soon launch the Lifetime Movie Club, a Web streaming service of its signature melodramatic movies. The service will feature a rotating pool of 30 movies for $3.99 a month, refreshing the selections every week.

What You Should Know About NFL’s Streaming Test

Rhinobird.tv Merging Live Video, Social Media

Rhinobird.tv, a video streaming service that says it “brings together the power of live video, the reach of broadcast and the connection of social media,” is now available as a public beta. Unlike many apps born from Silicon Valley startups packed with big VC investments and exit speculations, Rhinobird.tv  says it comes from a group […]

Hulu Hooks Up With Showtime

Arena Football, FilmOn Sign Streaming Deal

The Arena Football League has signed a one-year partnership with IP-delivered digital television platform FilmOn Networks that will make the service the official provider of international Arena Football. This is gives the AFL access to FilmOn’s 47 million monthly unique users outside of the United States.

Alibaba To Launch Netflix-Style Streaming In China

PBS Launches Video App For Android

PBS has brought its mobile app to Android, giving Android users access to full episodes of shows like Frontline,  PBS Newshour, Masterpiece, Nova and Call the Midwife. The new app also comes with Google Cast support, allowing users to beam their shows to their TV, provided it’s equipped with Google’s Chromecast streaming stick or any Android TV streaming device.

Shield Console Hopes To Rival Apple TV

Nvidia’s first living room entertainment console went on sale Thursday, and the company is putting in all its chips on Google’s Android TV platform. Indeed, one of the more intriguing features of the Shield, Nvidia’s new combination ultra-high-definition smart TV and game device, is a Live Channels app that lets viewers watch over-the-air TV stations through their home Wi-Fi network. That feature could attract cord-cutters — generally younger viewers who have stopped paying for or never had a standard cable or satellite TV subscription.

Backlash Brewing Against Binge Viewing

“I miss having people on the same page,” says Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan as Hulu and Yahoo back away from all-at-once streaming just as NBC experiments with Aquarius.

Sports Streaming Sparks TV Rights Debate

Television, with its ever-escalating contracts, increasingly finds itself competing against new technologies such as live-streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat that threaten to disrupt the entire business model.

Apps Threaten TV’s Hold On Live Sports

Fans have long shunned piracy of live sporting events in favor of gathering around the TV, but now live-streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat threaten TV’s golden egg. That stunning recognition arrived this past weekend when droves of boxing fans skipped the $100 pay-per-view fee and watched the much-anticipated match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao free Saturday evening.


3Play Media Publishes Closed Caption Resources

Amazon Prime Members Stream Free On JetBlue

NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon wants to give JetBlue passengers a new option for tuning out that crying baby or talkative seat neighbor. The e-commerce company will let members of Amazon’s $99 annual loyalty program Prime stream its instant video service for free on their Wi-Fi enabled devices via JetBlue’s inflight Wi-Fi service. JetBlue is […]

Boxing Sucker Punched By Internet Streamers

The broadcast of Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas popped up, unauthorized, on new services like Twitter’s Periscope and Meerkat, where people used the video function on their smartphones to relay the broadcast directly to the Internet. It’s a sign of how common piracy is in the entertainment industry and how difficult it is to contain.

Live Video Apps Face Copyright Minefield

The new, personal, live-streaming video apps — Periscope by Twitter and Meerkat by Life on Air Inc. — will likely get dragged by their inventive and fanatical users into a copyright and piracy minefield in Washington and the courts.

NBC To Stream Full Season Of ‘Aquarius’

NBC announced Thursday that all 13 episodes of Aquarius, starring David Duchovny, will be available online after the drama’s two-hour NBC premiere. NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt said the unprecedented move acknowledges viewer interest in watching TV episodes at will.


Wall St. Journal In Major Video Ramp-Up

The Wall Street Journal now has a 40-person team producing videos for its site producing 30-40 videos a day, resulting in 6 million monthly video views according to comScore. The paper has been emphasizing shorter videos, along with more interactive videos to keep readers on site longer.


Study: These Days, People Prefer Streaming

Everyone knows people’s video viewing habits are changing. But a new study from Deloitte suggests they are changing even faster than many would have thought. The most surprising finding of the study: Only 45 percent of those surveyed say they prefer to watch TV programs live as opposed to streaming or delaying them. At the same time, streaming video is making huge strides.

CEO Plepler: HBO Now Is ‘Millennial Missile’

HBO CEO Richard Plepler says the decision to launch a streaming service was approached with the care of a politician mulling whether to launch a campaign. Plepler says so far, HBO Now subscriptions have exceeded expectations. He calls the service a “millennial missile” for its appeal to younger consumers.

YouTube At 10: The Video Site That Went Viral

YouTube is the Web’s de facto home for video. But 10 years ago, online video was anybody’s game. As it celebrates a decade offering us everything from new celebrities to cat videos, YouTube has become a premier destination for content. Here’s how it got there.

Netflix’s New Strategy: Owning Its Shows

For most of its rapid ascent of the TV business, Netflix Inc. has rented shows. Now it wants to own them. Like a major Hollywood studio or competitor HBO, the company will own many of the 20 or more original shows that debut on its streaming service next year, Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings said in an interview. “We’ve continued to expand our creative role on the shows,” Hastings said. “Now we’re taking on ownership and production.”

Official: ‘Full House’ Revival Heading To Netflix

Jerry Seinfeld Declares: ‘TV Is Over’