TWC Launches Streaming Test With 300 Live Chs.

Comparing The Top 10 Streaming Services

Confused on whether you should subscribe to Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more? Here’s a look at the cost and the content for each.


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Online Delays Possible For DC Shows

Jeff Bewkes, the CEO of DC-owner Time Warner Inc., told analysts on a conference call Wednesday that the company is considering whether to let online services like Netflix have its shows several years after they first air, rather than one year later. He said that could mean more older episodes are available on-demand to traditional cable customers.

Vibrant TV Network Launches On Roku Platform

Vibrant TV Network on Wednesday announced that its Vibrant TV streaming channel is now available on the Roku streaming platform. Vibrant TV features a wide array of entertainment from around the world in English in programming categories such as lifestyle, comedy, action adventure, drama, reality, travel, food, sports and family. “We are excited to launch […]


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Teens Are, Like, Soooo Over Old Media

Teens are making some radical changes from the way media was consumed in the past. That’s according to a new study from Piper Jaffray, an investment bank that has been surveying teens on their media habits, entertainment preferences and more for the past 15 years. It finds that teens have embraced new media in such a way that old media is not merely passe but even an afterthought, really, when so many other interesting digital options are available.

Key Dem: No Sweeping FCC Streaming Regs

Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., the top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee said Friday that the FCC should not impose “sweeping” regulations on the streaming video services that are rapidly changing the ways that Americans watch television and movies.

What’s Been Effect Of Streaming Revolution?

Streaming outlets were supposed to provide us with shows that couldn’t fit in the traditional TV model. Weirder, naughtier, bolder, maybe. But what’s happened instead is that places like Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and wherever else are making traditional television shows.

Roku Launches $129 Top-End Streaming Box

Streaming-device maker Roku bets again that putting on blinders to anything but streaming video will make the difference when it faces off with fresh rival products from Apple, Amazon and Google.

Surprise, Hulu Is Getting Up To Speed

Forecast: The No. 3 over-the top streaming service will outpace Netflix in growth next year and Amazon by 2016, Credit a new, let’s-do-it strategy and better content.

CBS, Amazon Partner For Summer Streaming

CBS and Amazon announced a multi-year agreement today that will give Amazon Prime exclusive streaming rights to three CBS summer shows, like they did with Under the Dome and Extant this past year. A new show called Brain Dead, from creators Michelle and Robert King, will be the first to be available on the video service next summer.

Hulu Nabs Streaming Rights to ‘Last Man on Earth’

Netflix Acquires Rights To ‘Jane the Virgin’

Netflix has acquired global streaming rights to three TV shows, including CW’s Jane the Virgin, sources confirm. The streaming giant, which is expected to make the announcement today, also nabbed exclusive worldwide rights to sci-fi thrillers, USA’s Colony and CBS’s Zoo. The deals for the three come less than two weeks after Netflix announced the acquisition of exclusive global rights to ABC hit series How to Get Away with Murder.

Sharing Video Passwords: What’s So Wrong?

New Google Chromecast Close To Launch

With Apple and Amazon already announcing new, upgraded streaming devices, a new report says Google may be ready to debut its revamped Chromecast later this month. The $35 contraption connects televisions to computers and mobile devices.


Amazon Will Offer New Fire TV To Rival Apple

Waging war on Apple, which announced upgrades to Apple TV last week, Amazon is launching an upgraded version of its own streaming and gaming device. Unlike the Apple TV, the upgraded Fire TV supports 4K ultra-high-definition streaming across many of its apps, including Netflix, Hulu, and, of course, Amazon Instant Video.

Live Streaming: The Link Between TV, Social?

Amazon Nabs ‘Sex and the City’ Rights

BBC To launch Netflix-Style U.S. Service

The BBC will launch a Netflix-style video subscription service for American audiences next year, the head of the U.K.’s public broadcaster said Thursday. Lord Hall of Birkenhead, the BBC’s director-general, said the new Internet-based service will allow U.S. audiences to access BBC programs that aren’t already screened on TV channels or available on existing streaming services.

IBC 2015 Tech: Haivision

Haivision | Hall 14, Stand N26, 29 | Website: Haivision, a provider of video streaming and media management solutions, announces that the Haivision Media Gateway is now available for cloud deployment in Amazon Web Services (AWS Marketplace), giving broadcasters and enterprises a low-latency and bandwidth-saving solution for connecting multiple facilities with secure HD video […]


Streaming Services Should Be Part Of Pay TV

Creating an elegant interface that combines streaming services and pay TV services, so that Netflix and NBC both live on the same grid, would go a long way towards improving TV’s user experience. It would also benefit all parties, from networks and MVPDs to streaming services. But most of all, it would benefit the consumer.

What Surprised Showtime After Streaming

One discovery: many subscribers are opting to stream the network’s live feed, instead of seeking out on-demand programming. “The livestreaming has done better than we expected,” said President David Nevins of the feature, something which HBO Now doesn’t offer. “As people are discovering Showtime, a lot of them just want to see what’s on the livestreaming, so they’re watching it there.”

Local TV Creates Hurdle To Streaming

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that big broadcast TV networks and their affiliates are wrangling over which of them will be the ones to negotiate with the new generation of direct-to-consumer streaming services and what each side’s split should be. WSJ subscribers can read the full story here.

Cord-Cutters To Get More NFL Streaming

CBS will stream seven of its games live without requiring the viewer to authenticate that they have an account with a cable or satellite television provider. The CBS games available online can be watched not only on a computer but also on connected TV devices, such as Xbox One, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku players.

Netflix To Add TV Series, Films For Teenagers

The streaming service will introduce exclusive films and television series as part of a strategy to position itself as a digital entertainment hub for the postmillennial generation.

Sesame-HBO Deal Sparks Soul-Searching

The Aug. 13 announcement that HBO will premiere new episodes of Sesame Street, which will then be made available to PBS after nine months has prompted soul-searching among public broadcasters and others who recalled Sesame Street’s groundbreaking role in using free over-the-air broadcasts to teach preschoolers from low-income families the basic skills they need to succeed in school.

MLB, Fox Break Impasse In Streaming Talks

Local streaming is coming to many Major League Baseball markets next season, thanks to a breakthrough in the league’s long-running negotiations with Fox Sports. Several industry sources say the league is drafting deal documents with Fox, which holds the local media rights to 15 MLB teams. An agreement to offer authenticated local streaming of live games is expected to be in place by the start of the 2016 season.

Vertical Video Gaining Traction

Contrary to an early torrent of naysayers, users aren’t troubled by vertical video, and many actually prefer it to horizontal options. The shift “shows off the way that opinions of tech elites can be rendered moot by mainstream preferences,” and we may be seeing a lot more videos shot vertically soon.

A New Location For ‘Sesame Street’

In a surprise move, the kids’ series heads to HBO. New episodes will air on longtime carrier PBS nine months later. The most significant part of the deal: Streaming rights.

Fusion Looks Outside The (Cable) Box

For Fusion, it’s all about building an audience. That’s why the digital media company and cable TV network today announced a new app on the over-the-top streaming service Roku.


Hulu’s Originals To Be Released Weekly

Hulu doesn’t want its subscribers to find themselves in a TV coma, so it’s opting to release its upcoming original series in weekly episodes. “With all of our new originals, we will release episodes weekly,” Craig Erwich, head of content at Hulu says. “We want to give viewers the opportunity to discover their favorite shows every week. Like you, we value the shared experience and the joy of the watercooler that is television.”

MLB In $600M Pact For NHL TV, Streaming


Millennials Barely Watch Regular TV

A new study finds that just 18% of their television time is spent viewing live broadcast or cable. The majority of their viewing is done on digital devices. SmithGeiger’s Seth Geiger talks about the results.

Netflix Streamlines Its Old Business

Instead of ignoring its DVD-by-mail operation that was dwindling but still bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits every year, the company concentrated on efficiency.

Apple Explores ‘Special Occasion’ Streaming

Apple has been chatting up broadcast network groups to get them on board its Internet-enabled streaming TV service. Another thing it wants, according to our tipsters, is a new free-of-charge channel concept created from, say, library stock.

Japan TV Nets To Launch TVer OTT Platform

Japan’s five Tokyo-based commercial TV networks will jointly launch a service to stream their new shows on the Internet, starting in October. Called TVer, the service will offer the shows, including popular variety and drama programs, free of charge with commercials generating revenue. Each network will supply about 10 shows weekly and each show will be streamed for about one week.


Netfilx Delivers Strong 2Q, Adds 3.3M Subs

Netflix’s second-quarter performance followed a familiar script of rapid subscriber growth that has enthralled investors. Netflix added 3.3 million subscribers in the April-to-June period, giving it more than 65 million, a reach of around half the nation’s 123 million households.

Cutting The Cord While Keeping The Bundle

Sahil Patel looks at Comcast’s announcement on Monday that it will debut a new Web-based option, Stream, and finds it’s a clever test of OTT distribution while actually keeping the bundle intact (the service is available only to Comcast’s Internet subscribers). “As much as the TV business is forced to adapt and change, it’s trying equally hard to keep what it can intact,” he writes.

Comcast Offers Its Web Alternative To Cable

At first, Comcast’s Stream service will be offered in three cities and include programs from about a dozen networks. The $15-a-month service, which will provide access to live and on-demand programming, reflects a mainstream cable company’s effort to stay relevant as streaming grows in popularity.