Comcast Raising Its Cable TV Fees

Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, the Broadcast TV fee for networks like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC will go up from $8 a month to $10 a month. The Regional Sports fee will go up from $6.25 to $8.25 a month.

Fox News To Earn $1.50 Per Subscriber

Fox News Channel is on track to earn $1.50 per cable subscriber per month in the not-too-distant future. That dollar figure, higher than just about every other cable channel besides ESPN and TNT, demonstrates Fox’s power in the American television universe. Ten years ago the channel, a favorite among conservatives, was making just 25 cents per subscriber. It can now command six times as much.

ESPN Set To Pass $7 Per-Sub Fee In 2017

With its massive NFL deal and presumably a renewal with the NBA coming, ESPN can continue to count on hefty per-subscriber fees that look to cross the monthly $7 mark in 2017. Based on distribution in 100 million homes, that would give it an annual take of about
$8.4 billion in affiliate fees alone within five years.

Netflix Raises Rates, Irks Subscribers

The company is raising prices by up to 60% for its DVDs by mail/Intenet service, with new subscribers affected immediately. Current subscribers would have to pay the increase starting Sept. 1.