Kagan: Pay TV Subs Drop For First Time

Cable, satellite TV and telecom firms collectively shed 251,000 video subscribers in 2013, led by continued cable losses, according to SNL Kagan. It was the U.S. pay TV industry’s first-ever full-year subscriber decline on record.

Pay TV Loses Record Number Of Subscribers

The U.S. subscription TV industry first showed a small net loss of subscribers a year ago. This year, that trickle has turned into a stream. The chief cause appears to be persistently high unemployment and a housing market that has many people living with their parents, reducing the need for a separate cable bill.

Price Points: Pay TV Risks Losing Gen Y

If basic cable programmers are in fear of losing young customers due to soaring cable subscription prices, premium-priced pay television programmers could be at greater risk. A new study says pay TV programmers are at risk of losing young TV viewers/consumers 18-29 — so-called Generation Ys, about 70 million strong — due to growing price sensitivities for all kinds of subscription television.