Microsoft Debuts New Surface Hardware


Phones, Tablets Over 50% Of Connected Devices


Getting Audience, Advertisers To Go Tablet

Web, TV, radio, billboards and advertising takeovers of highly trafficked locations combined with event sponsorships and experiential events to form the most expensive promotional campaign ever mounted by Montreal’s La Presse, as the company sought to move consumers and advertisers to its new La Presse+ tablet app. In part four of NetNewsCheck‘s Deep Dive into the company’s high-stakes move into digital, Editor Michael Depp details the marketing and promotional effort that among other things, has national advertisers spending more with the company than it did a year ago. You can read the series here.


Study: Mobile Is Growing But Tablets Aren’t

Thirty percent of online time is devoted to mobile. But tablet usage is down, as people start using bigger smartphones they can watch TV and browse the Web on.

Tablet Television To Launch This Fall

Tablet Television, a broadcast TV service for tablets, has revealed plans for its first beta market test in San Francisco and start of commercial operations in autumn 2014. Tablet TV, a joint venture of Motive Television and Granite Broadcasting, will let viewers watch and record live broadcast content in HD in every market in the U.S. and, in association with local broadcasting partners, will be able to provide on-demand packages. Additional features such as fully-integrated social television will be available to Internet connected viewers.

New iPad Air All-In-One Tablet For Journos?

Mobile journalists who report on the ground and file stories at coffee shops might be tempted by Apple’s new tablet, which was released today. The thinner and lighter iPad Air has improved AV features, usable for video interviews, and comes with a suite of free apps, including iMovie.

Amazon Unveils New Family of Tablets

Tablet Users Often Switch Between Devices

The vast majority of consumers who use tablets also own a host of other Web-enabled devices. From laptops to game consoles to smart TVs, tablet owners overindex in tech device usage — particularly smartphones — compared to the average consumer, according to a new eMarketer report, “Tablet Users’ Multidevice Habits: Connected Morning, Noon and Night (But On Different Devices).”


Mobile Devices Make Up 8% Of Video Viewing

Based on hours viewed, tablets saw video viewing grow 110% in 2012, while mobile phone video viewing grew 87%, according to Ooyala’s 2012 Global Video Index report. However, both device classes together still only accounted for 8.25% of all video viewing hours in December 2012, compared to 4.15% at the beginning of the year.


What Topped TV’s Holiday List? Tablets

How great of a holiday-retail feel good story is this? Manufacturers increase production of the tablets, retailers enjoy moving lots of tablets out the door, gifters feel really generous, gift recipients get another avenue to purchase more goods and services along with a powerful entertainment and information device, and advertisers get another state-of-the-art screen to reach LOTS more consumers. It’s an example of the Great Circle of modern consumerism.

Tablets Top eReaders As Device Of Choice

About one out of four Americans owns a tablet computer, up from about one in 10 last year, pushing the device’s popularity past that of e-readers, according to a new survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Priority For Nets In 2013: A Tablet Strategy

Networks are testing all kinds of things to determine what works best to take advantage of viewers increasingly using mobile devices while watching TV. Of course, their dream is for multi-screeners to tune into their content on both platforms at once, perhaps allowing them to charge a premium to a marketer running ads in sync on both,

Study: 63% Of Tablet Owners Multitask With TV

Hot This Holiday Season: Ads For Tablets

The introduction of Apple’s long-anticipated iPad Mini yesterday heralded what should be a huge holiday season for tablets. Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft all have new devices to push, and the Consumer Electronics Association predicts that a quarter of holiday shoppers will buy a tablet of some sort. That has sparked a surge in tablet advertising among marketers eager to get in on the next big thing.


Study: Tablet Use As TV Companion Grows

Tablet owners are twice as likely as smartphone owners to watch full episodes of TV shows and they spend 50% more time viewing during an average session — 36 minutes on tablets compared to 24 minutes on smartphones, according to a just-released study.


Tablet Users Prefer Reading News In Evening

Tablet owners spend more time consuming news at home after work than people who don’t own the devices, according to a new study from the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Microsoft Surface Takes Aim At iPad

Microsoft Corp.’s tablet broadside against the iPad is a dramatic step to ensure that its Windows software plays a major role in the increasingly important mobile computing market.

1 In 4 Tablet Users Pay To Watch Video


Tablets The Great Hope For TV Everywhere?

Because consumers are indeed watching videos on mobile phones and tablets — those “everywhere” devices that TV Everywhere was intended to capture. That’s why the plan by the Pac-12 Networks to launch in August with a fully baked-in TV Everywhere strategy is a smart one to watch.

Nielsen, Comcast To Test Ratings For Tablets

Comcast has reached an agreement with Nielsen to begin testing commercial ratings for viewing that takes place on iPads and mobile devices starting this summer.


Sony’s Wiesenthal: Tablets Are TV’s Future

Waiting for the day that a majority of consumers download content from the internet directly to their TVs? You may be waiting a while, says Rob Wiesenthal, president-international, Sony ATV Music Publishing. “The past 10 years everyone has been trying to figure out what is the optimum [user experience] for [internet-enabled] TV. People are trying guns, pointer devices … and actually, I think it is the tablet.”


Tablets Helping Improve News Consumption

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, in its annual state of the news media report, found encouraging signs within the 27 percent of Americans who say they get news on their smartphones or tablets.


Looks Like Screen Size Doesn’t Really Matter

When it comes to watching entertainment programming, it turns out size doesn’t matter as much as people previously thought (or hoped). According to a new study conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey, consumers are using their tablets and smartphones to stream video programming at an increasing rate, and they’re doing it in their homes, where televisions are available.


Tablet Users Don’t Want To Pay For News

A new study from the Pew Research Center’s Project for the Excellence in Journalism found that 11% of American adults own a tablet of some kind, and a majority of them spend 90 minutes a day using the device. But just 14% of tablet users said they have paid for news content on their tablets.


Tablets Spell Out Stations’ Mobile Future

2011 has been called “the year of the tablet.” What we’re seeing with mobile today is really no different than any of the other technological innovations that have continually transformed TV since its very inception. Thanks to Information Age pioneers like Steve Jobs, tablets are just the latest challenge requiring us to adapt our business models in order to retain customers and grow revenue. Tablets are not only influencing where we experience television, they are helping to re-shape the way we experience it. And they are providing TV stations with new opportunities for reaching mobile viewers.

TV Viewers Multitask With Smartphones

Roughly 40% of tablet and smartphone owners in the U.S. used their devices daily while watching TV, while only 14% of eReader owners said they watched TV while using their device every day.

Shoppers More Trigger Happy On Tablets

Yap.TV Preps Product That Syncs Tablet, TV Ads