Taboola, Purveyor Of Clickbait Ads, To Go Public

The content recommendation company is set to announce it will go public via Wall Street’s hottest trend — a publicly traded deal vehicle known as a SPAC. The deal values it at $2.6 billion.

Taboola In Content Deal With NBCU Station Sites

Taboola, which provides a content feed to publishers, said it has signed a five-year deal with the NBCUniversal Owned Television Station division. The stations will add the Taboola feed on desktop, tablet and mobile websites in order to increase user engagement and revenue.


Platforms Changing Content Discovery Game

The CEOs of Taboola and Storyful, both major content discovery platforms, say that platforms like Facebook are having a massive impact on the discovery process. But while playing ball with such platforms is unavoidable, old tools like email and new ones like VR and messaging may offer powerful alternatives.