How AI Is Disrupting An Election

NewsTECHForum Keynote: Democracy, Technology, TV Journalism And The ’24 Election

News leaders from E.W. Scripps and NewsNation will confront the high stakes the industry faces in a pivotal election year, the journalistic and technological resources they’ll bring to bear against it and the repercussions for American democracy itself in a keynote panel at TVNewsCheck’s NewsTECHForum conference on Dec. 12 in New York. Register here.

How To Create Your Own Personal Deepfake Video

Staying On Alert For After-Hours Cyberattacks

Adapting To A World Where Adapters Run Amok

Opinion: AI Is Killing The Old Web, And The New Web Struggles To Be Born

Generative AI models are changing the economy of the web, making it cheaper to generate lower-quality content. We’re just beginning to see the effects of these changes.

Video Editing App Raises $25 Million To Bring AI To Creators

AI Can Now Create Images Out Of Thin Air

The results can be astonishing: crisp, beautiful, fantastical and sometimes eerily realistic. But they can also be muddy and grotesque: warped faces, gobbledygook street signs and distorted architecture.

Technology, Data And The Future Of Local TV Ad Revenue At TV2025

Executives from Sinclair, E.W. Scripps, Publicis and Media Monitors will discuss what they’re facing in their efforts to streamline transactions amid a whirlwind of audience measurement changes in a panel discussion at TVNewsCheck’s TV2025: Monetizing the Future event at the NAB New York Show on Oct. 19. Register here.

What’s The Cheapest Way To Watch TV?

From an antenna to streaming hacks, the Washington Post finds the least expensive ways to watch television.

Marshall Camera Integrates Zixi SDVP For IP Video

Zixi, the company focused on enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over any IP network, and provider of the award-winning Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP), today announced a partnership with Marshall Electronics, […]

Silicon Valley’s Elite Get Dragged Into Musk-Twitter Trial

Is It Time For Streaming Video To Play Moneyball?

How will streaming services consistently identify, acquire and develop projects that resonate? That’s going to require ever better ways to measure and predict success.

What Will The New IPhones Feature?

Apple’s keynote iPhone event is locked in for early Sept., which means it’s just about time for the company to announce a boatload of new products, chief among them being this year’s lineup of new iPhones.

T-Mobile And SpaceX To Use Starlink Satellites For Mobile Network Access

T-Mobile will partner with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and use the company’s Starlink satellites to provide mobile networks for cellphone users in remote areas, both companies announced at an event on Thursday.

Apple Privacy Change Hitting Tech, E-Commerce Companies Hard

World Literacy Foundation And NewTek Storytelling Partnership Keeps Mission-Critical Awards Show Live

The World Literacy Foundation recently announced the winners of its World Literacy Awards – honors given to those who proactively foster literacy skills among the 773 million people across the globe […]

Viant Launches Ad Campaign Touting Software ‘Built For Now’

According to the spot, “Now we’re in a new digital landscape, where new channels can lead you to your next customer, where campaigns are data driven and outcomes are measurable. Welcome to now.” Viant says its software is “built for transparency. Built for ROI.”

Tiny Satellites May Warn Of Next Big Hurricane

A first-of-its-kind nanosatellite project is expected to launch its first qualification unit on Monday. The constellation will ultimately consist of 7 small satellites that will monitor Earth’s tropical zone, which spans about 40 degrees of latitude to the north and south of the equator.


Collins | Tech And Finance Departments Need To Talk

Companies must find ways to improve communications between the two departments. That will pay big dividends as you select and upgrade financial management technology. Additionally, this sharing of information should not be limited to managers; it needs to be encouraged among all members of both teams.

Webinars This Week: Akamai, BIA, MFM, Ross Video, SVG and TVNewsCheck

Live virtual events for broadcasters this week focus on revenue as well as technology. They include an Akamai webinar on securing Javascripts, a Cisco presentation about Precision Timed Protocol in SMPTE 2110 Fabrics and the Sports Video Group’s annual College Sports Summit. TVNewsCheck will present Optimizing Spot TV in a Challenging Economy and BIA will focus on Selling Digital Marketing Services to Local Businesses. Media Financial Management Association continues its series of webinars for CFOs and other financial managers. For the full list of events and links to their registration pages, visit TVNewsCheck’s Virtual Events Directory.

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