Ted Cruz Gives RNC Its Dramatic TV Moment

Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement speech for Donald Trump Wednesday night gave TV viewers the moments of excitement they craved from the convention when the floor erupted in boos and chants of “Endorse Trump.”


WNYW’s Scotto To Cruz: You Won’t Win NY

Cruz Campaign Want Anti-Cruz Ad Pulled

Ted Cruz’s campaign sent a letter to TV stations across South Carolina and Georgia on Tuesday, demanding that they stop airing what it calls “a false attack ad” from the conservative super PAC American Future Fund that goes after the Texas senator on national security.

Ted Cruz ‘Would Love’ To Host ‘SNL’

Cruz Leads Off TV Campaign Ads For 2016

Ted Cruz campaign ads will air this weekend on TV stations in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina, and on Fox News. The TV buy — estimated at $33,000 — is the first of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Wheeler FCC Ready To Roll On Monday

Former cable and wireless phone lobbyist Tom Wheeler will take the helm of the FCC as chairman on Nov. 4 following his requisite swearing in. No word yet on his staff, but Diane Cornell, Ruth Milkman and Phil Verveer could play roles. Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt concedes that Wheeler was not his first choice. Out of loyalty, he says, he actively backed former aide Karen Kornbluh.


UPDATED 10:36 P.M.

Tom Wheeler Confirmed As Next FCC Chair

Following his swearing in, the former cable and wireless telephone lobbyist will assume the top job at the agency, succeeding fellow Democrat Mignon Clyburn, who has been running things as acting chairwoman since Julius Genachowski stepped down earlier this year. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz cleared the way for the confirmation vote Tuesday evening by lifting his hold on a vote.

Sen. Ted Cruz Blocks Wheeler Confirmation

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) lost his battle against the new health-care law but he already has a new target in sight: the FCC.The tea party member has blocked the confirmation of Tom Wheeler as chairman of the FCC, saying he wanted greater assurance from President Obama’s nominee that the agency wouldn’t require more funding disclosures for political TV ads. Cruz has said that such free speech should be protected.


Cruz Warns Wheeler On Political Ads

Disclosure of funding of political advertising has become a hot topic in Congress. And Republican Senator Ted Cruz made sure that FCC Chairman nominee Tom Wheeler knew that his fellow GOP members want the FCC to keep its hands off any attempts at imposing disclosure requirements on such ads.”This is the one issue that has in my opinion the potential to derail your nomination,” he said.