Delia Fiallo, Mother Of Telenovelas, Dies

Fiallo’s telenovelas like Lucecita, Peregrina, María de nadie, Pobre diabla and Esmeralda were translated into languages such as Japanese and Czech, reaching millions of people in more than 100 countries. She finished Cristal, the last of her 43 telenovelas, more than three decades ago. She was 96.

Televisa Grapples With Social Distancing

Some of the top creative minds at Mexican broadcaster Televisa are puzzling over an unexpected challenge: crafting their signature soap operas without a single love scene, or even a tender kiss.

The Mainstreaming Of Hispanic Telenovelas

Long a bedrock of Latin pop culture, the TV genre is now crossing over, influencing much of what we see on English-language primetime television. Here’s everything you need to know about the genre.

Venezuela’s Telenovelas Struggle Back From Brink

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — A worker on the set strikes the clapperboard to the shout of “Action!” and three women launch into a heated argument about an abandoned child who was rescued from the streets but cannot be tamed of her violent impulses. The scene from the Spanish-language soap opera “Piel Salvaje,” or “Wild Skin,” […]

Biblical Soap Enjoying Big Success In Brazil

Set in ancient Egypt and loosely based on the story of Moses, The Ten Commandments is billed as Brazil’s first biblical soap opera. The soap is taking the country by storm. It’s helped propel the Rede Record television network, owned by the founder of Brazil’s main Pentecostal church, into a showdown with top broadcaster Globo, which for decades has had a lock on primetime soaps, known as novelas. Rede Record is now negotiating with Fox’s Spanish-language channel, MundoFox, to sell the U.S. rights

Telemundo Sets On-Air, Digital Variety Show

Weekly Suelta la Sopa Novelas will include live on-air viewer participation and a digital novela wrap-up show during primetime

Adapted Telenovelas Take Hold In Primetime

The CW’s Jane The Virgin, adapted from a Venezuelan telenovela is the latest show to be adapted from the daily hour-long shows in Spanish to hour-a-week programs suited to American sitcom formats. Ben Silverman, who has worked with other adapted series like The Office which appeared in Great Britain before it became a primetime U.S. show, was the production architect of it as well as ABC’s telenovela adaptation Ugly Betty (2006-10).

NBC Partners With Electus On Telenovelas

NBC has an arrangement with Electus to develop a trio of novelas, looking for one 13-episode version to make it to the network with multiple episodes running weekly.

Fox Developing Adaptation Of Telenovela ‘Rubí’

Cable Networks Eager To Adapt Telenovelas

Cable network executives, desperate to capitalize on the addictive powers of the primetime Spanish-language soap operas, are copying the formula with English-language versions, starring marquee names. In some cases, they’re even borrowing the five-nights-a-week format.

Actor, Pioneer Of Mexican Telenovela, Dies At 78

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexican television and movie actor Julio Aleman, who starred in the first telenovela ever produced in the country, died Wednesday. He was 78. Aleman had been fighting lung cancer since early 2000 and was admitted to a Mexico City hospital on Monday with an infection, according to Televisa, his broadcast employer. […]

Product Placement Rises In Telenovelas

Coming off a strong upfront season — when advertisers buy commercial time before the season — the two major Spanish language television networks, Telemundo and Univision, are lining up more opportunities for advertisers wanting to incorporate their products into their telenovelas.

How The Telenovela Is Beating The Networks

Foes Univision and Telemundo are stealing TV’s most desired demographic with very different strategies.