Researchers: Don’t Let Industry Rate Own Content

A pair of media researchers/academics have provided input on how the media content ratings could, and should, be improved, including standardizing them across platforms and taking ratings calls out of the hands of industry.

Netflix To Add Age Ratings To More Content On Its UK Service

Netflix is adding age ratings to more content on its U.K. service after partnering with the British Board of Film Classification. The goal of the new collaboration “is to work towards 100% coverage of BBFC age ratings across the platform,” the ratings board said.

TV Defends Content Ratings, Critics Want Overhaul

Broadcasters and movie studios rate the TV content ratings/guideline system as working quite well, pointing to “public surveys” over a decade that show lots of folks are using the guidelines and that the ratings get “consistently high marks for accuracy.” By contrast, critics, and there are many if the FCC docket is any gauge, say ratings are inaccurate and the monitoring board ineffective and packed with industry ratings defenders.

PTC Urges FCC To Update TV Content Ratings

PTC Meets With MPAA’s Dodd On TV Ratings Reform

Groups To FCC: Overhaul TV Content Ratings

Led by the Parents Television Council, the 28-member group asks the commission to reviewthe woefully-ineffective TV Content Ratings System, which is failing to protect children from harmful and explicit TV content on both broadcast and cable television.” It also launched a petition calling for reform.