Vevo Launches App On Telly To Bring Music Videos To Dual Screen TVs

Music video network Vevo has added its app to Telly, a free TV upgrade for the living room. Vevo says it will provide Telly TV users with “high-quality music videos, including […]

CES: Dual-Screen Smart TV Maker Telly Adds Voice Control Powered By ChatGPT

A Billboard For The Living Room? How Telly Wants Advertisers To Pay For Your TV Set

Kia will advertise on Telly, whose free 55-inch televisions come with an attached second screen to show ads and other content.

DirecTV Stream Sets Distribution Deal With Telly, A Startup Giving Away 55-Inch Smart TVs

Telly Says 100,000 People Signed Up For Free TV Sets

Telly, which said it plans to provide 500,000 of its dual-screen TV sets to people for free, said that more than 100,000 signed up on its website in the first 36 hours. The company plans to give away the devices — worth $1,000 each, according to Telly — in order to make money by selling  data about viewers and selling advanced targeted advertising. Pictured: Telly’s dual-screen set with an ad from Kia.