Big Tech Says Texas Social Media Law Is Big Mistake

CCIA sues over legislation it said is unconstitutional potential aid to Nazi and white supremacist speech.

‘The Wire’ Creator Says He’ll Pull Upcoming HBO Series From Texas Over Abortion Law

“The Wire” creator David Simon announced via Twitter on Monday that he wouldn’t film an upcoming HBO project in Texas as he apparently previously planned due to the new restrictions.

Texas Passes Bill Prohibiting Social Media Companies From ‘Censoring’ Posts

Lawmakers in Texas have passed a bill that would prohibit Facebook, Twitter, Google and other large social media companies from blocking, demoting or demonetizing posts based on political viewpoint. Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign the measure, which will almost certainly face a legal challenge.

Texas Bans Reality TV Crews From Riding With Police

Shows Like ‘Cops’ Fell Out Of Favor. Now Texas May Ban Them

Lawmakers passed a bill named for Javier Ambler II, who died in 2019 after officers arrested him in front of a Live PD television crew. If the governor signs it, this would mean the end of police cooperation with reality TV shows.

Local Ad Spending In TX to Top $13B In ’17

Local market advertising in the state of Texas will reach $13 billion this year across 19 television markets, according to a forecast by BIA/Kelsey. Not surprisingly, the Dallas-Ft. Worth market tops the list with a whopping $3.9 billion.


Texas Flooding Called The Worst Ever


Online News Competition A Big Deal In Big D

Dallas-Fort Worth features a fragmented online news market, in which many outfits thrive in their chosen subjects, however narrow. Even those that are part of Dallas-Fort Worth’s “Big Six” — the major newspaper and TV sites — display penchants for local and niche content.