Colbert Auction Helps Raise $800K For Schools

NEW YORK (AP) — Money from the auction of the desk and set of “The Colbert Report” will help thousands of school kids in comedian Stephen Colbert’s native South Carolina. Colbert announced on Thursday that, along with donations from Share Fair Nation and ScanSource, $800,000 has been raised to fund every classroom project South Carolina […]

Stephen Colbert Retires ‘Report,’ Host

Nine years of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report came to an end Thursday night along with its mythical presiding pundit, as the real-life Stephen Colbert bade the audience farewell. He was last seen gliding through the clouds in the backseat of Santa’s sleigh beside Alex Trebek (don’t ask).

‘The Colbert Report’s’ Most Memorable Moments

President Obama Takes Over ‘The Colbert Report’

WASHINGTON (AP) — His daughters mock his big ears, he leaves his socks on the floor and sitting behind Stephen Colbert’s desk, he said, gives him a greater sense of power. When President Barack Obama was not seriously defending his economic record, his executive actions on immigration and his delayed decision on the Keystone XL […]

Obama Set For ‘The Colbert Report’ Visit

NEW YORK (AP) — Comedy Central says President Obama will be on hand next week as Stephen Colbert begins his final two weeks as the fake cable news bloviator on “The Colbert Report.” Obama is scheduled to appear on Monday, Dec. 8 during Colbert’s one-day visit to Washington. Colbert is taking over for David Letterman […]

‘Big Miracle,’ ‘Colbert Report’ Win Genesis Awards

‘Colbert Report’ To Return Today With New Show

NEW YORK (AP) — A representative for Stephen Colbert says “The Colbert Report” will return Monday after a sudden break due to the ailing health of the star’s mother. The Comedy Central show last week substituted repeats for scheduled shows on Wednesday and Thursday. At the time, the network said only that the cancellations were […]

Comedy Central’s Colbert Has Questions For FEC

WASHINGTON (AP) — Comedy Central’s tongue-in-check commentator Stephen Colbert is expected to raise serious questions at next week’s meeting of the Federal Election Commission. “The Colbert Report” star is launching a political action committee, Colbert Super Pac, which will allow him to raise unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions and individuals so he can […]

Hulu, Viacom Announce Content Partnership

Viacom and Hulu announced a broad content agreement Wednesday that brings The Daily Show and The Colbert Report back to Hulu and now also to Hulu Plus. Each of the shows will be available the morning after they originally air.