The Guardian Will No Longer Take Advertising From Gambling Companies

The Guardian Suffers Apparent Ransomware Attack

The incident began late on Tuesday night and has affected parts of the U.K. company’s technology infrastructure, with staff told to work from home. There has also been some disruption to behind-the-scenes services.

The Guardian Names Betsy Reed, The Intercept’s Top Editor, To Run Its US Newsroom

How The Guardian Put Itself On Path To Profits

After two battle-weary years in which The Guardian cut costs and halved losses, the publisher is starting to turn a corner. Today, it has a new business model and is on the brink of breaking even. Getting to this point hasn’t been easy. But a shift to a unique reader revenue model that relies on voluntary contributions as opposed to restricting access has, in many ways, proved naysayers wrong.

The Guardian Establishes Nonprofit To Support It

How The Guardian Is Using Article Surveys

The Guardian has introduced a tool at the bottom of article pages so readers can vote for topics they want more detail on. The data from the tool, simply called Reader Questions, is fed back to editors to shape future coverage. “The data teaches us we shouldn’t make assumptions about reader levels of knowledge,” said Chris Moran, the Guardian’s strategic projects editor. “Editors are now treating a story that they might know inside and out much more objectively.”

Candidate Cited For Assaulting Reporter

Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte was issued a citation late Wednesday after he allegedly “body-slammed” The Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs at a campaign event on the eve of a hotly contested special election.

News Publishers Form Programmatic Group

The Guardian, the Financial Times, CNN, Reuters and The Economist have teamed up to pool their digital advertising space, to fight back against the drain of ad spend to tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook. The initiative, called the Pangaea Alliance, will give brands access to more than 110 million online readers using a computerized, or programmatic, advertising system.