Showtime Releases Trailer For Roger Ailes Limited Series

FNC Kept 400-Page File On Gabriel Sherman

Roger Ailes had a 400-page opposition research-style file on Gabriel Sherman, who profiled Ailes in his book The Loudest Voice in the Room. Brian Stelter says the newly-unearthed file shows a “stunning display of Ailes’ campaign-like strategies,” though a number of reporters have long suspected Fox’s PR department kept such files. For his part, Sherman is taking the file’s existence in stride.

Biography Casts Critical Light on Fox’s Ailes

A 560-page biography about Roger Ailes being published this month — The Loudest Voice in the Room by Gabriel Sherman — aims to be an exhaustive look at the television executive’s life and monumental career. In the months before publication, the book has drawn sharp criticism from a chorus of people connected to Fox News, including employees and contributors who have taken to Twitter to attack Sherman.