‘McLaughlin Group’ Ending This Week

Longtime TV Host John McLaughlin Dies

John McLaughlin, longtime host of TV’s The McLaughlin Group has died at the age of 89. Since its debut in April 1982, the syndicated The McLaughlin Group upended the soft-spoken and non-confrontational style of shows such as Firing Line, ‘Washington Week in Review and Agronsky & Company with a raucous format that largely dispensed with politicians.

John McLaughlin Misses First Show In 34 Years

Longtime Political Columnist Germond Dies At 85

WASHINGTON — Jack W. Germond, the portly, cantankerous columnist and pundit who covered 10 presidential elections and sparred with colleagues on TV’s “The McLaughlin Group,” has died. He was 85. Germond died Wednesday morning. He had recently finished his first novel, “A Small Story for Page Three,” about a reporter investigating political intrigue, being published […]