Everyone Is In Everyone Else’s Business

More than 30 individuals from the electronic and new media worlds are represented on Vanity Fair‘s annual New Establishment list for 2017. The list foreshadows coming battles as various industries, and the titans who captain them, increasingly weave together into one. No. 1 is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Disney’s Bob Iger is 7, Netflix’s Reed Hasting is 9, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandbert is 12, CBS’s Les Monves is 13.

Vanity Fair Unveils 2016’s New Establishment

When the disrupters become the disrupted, and everyone’s in the tech business, it’s time for a shake-up in Vanity Fair’s annual ranking of Silicon Valley hotshots, Hollywood moguls, Wall Street titans and cultural icons. Topping this year’s list is Jezz Bezos, followed by Mark Zuckerberg (2); Bob Iger (4); Reed Hastings (6); Rupert Murdoch (8); Les Moonves (15); Steve Burke/Bryan Roberts (25); John Oliver (40); David Zaslav (45); Lachlan/James Murdoch (51); Megyn Kelly (63); James Corden (80); and Michael Strahan (96).