‘Ricki Lake Show’ Invites Online Participation

In advance of its Sept. 10 syndication debut, The Ricki Lake Show released this spot on Tuesday. The show is also inviting online audiences to participate in a monthly, interactive production meeting live on Facebook (streamed via Ustream); bringing together Ricki Lake, her show producers, studio executives and online participants from across the country. The next one-hour interactive production meeting streams on Thursday, July 19, at 5 p.m. ET at http://www.facebook.com/TheRickiLakeShow.


First Look: Ricki Lake Show’ Promo Teaser

In advance of its Sept. 10 syndication debut, The Ricki Lake Show today released this promo. Twentieth Television says of Lake: “She’s not a doctor, therapist or a super homemaker — she’s a working mom trying to figure life out, and inviting her audience along for the ride.”

‘Ricki Lake’ Kicks Off Social Marketing Push

The new talk show’s executive producer and 20th Television’s head of production talk about Oprah Winfrey’s yet-to-be-filled vacancy and their plan to build an audience in advance of the Sept. 10 premiere.

‘Ricki Lake’ Adds Lisa Kridos As EP

The former KTTV Los Angeles executive producer joins the new talk show from Twentieth Television that has been cleared in 93% of the U.S. for a fall launch.

‘Ricki Lake Show’ Cleared In 80% Of U.S.

Twentieth Television’s new syndicated talker has been sold in 29 of the top 30 markets for a September 2012 debut.


‘Ricki Lake’ Lands NYC, LA, Chicago, Dallas

With sales to Fox and Tribune stations, the new talk show, planned for a September 2012 syndication launch, has been cleared in more than 50% of the U.S.

Older, Wiser Ricki Lake Set For Syndie Return

Among the new crop of hosts hoping to fill the gap left by Oprah’s absence from the syndicated talk show ranks is one returning genre veteran. Twentieth Television and Ricki Lake hope the magic is there again as they take a different approach from her earlier show that ended an 11-year run in 2004. This time, Lake will will tackle personal issues — usually a few per show — of interest and importance to the target audience of women, 25-54.