Homer Kills ‘South Park’ Kids In Couch Gag

‘Simpsons’ Marathon Pushes FXX To Ratings High

‘Simpsons’ Gets Record-Breaking Renewal

The two-season reup means the animated comedy will break the record for most episodes of a scripted series ever.

‘Simpsons’ Closes In On Record With Ep. 600

Last night, Fox’s long-running animated powerhouse The Simpsons joined a very exclusive club of U.S. scripted primetime shows when its 600th episode, “Treehouse of Horror XXVII” aired. How rare is this club? The only other scripted primetime show to reach 600 episodes is Gunsmoke, which ran for 20 seasons on CBS from 1955 to 1975.

‘Simpsons’ Celebrates 600th Episode With VR

Fox Broadcasting is teaming with the Google Spotlight Stories to create a special virtual reality experience for The Simpsons couch gag to commemorate its milestone 600th episode.

FXX Slots Another Every-Episode ‘Simpsons’ Binge

‘The Simpsons’ Store Opens In China

How ‘The Simpsons’ Won Our Hearts

On May 15, Fox will air a special episode of The Simpsons in which Homer will select questions that fans tweet to him and then respond at the end of the show. That’s right, kids — Homer live.

‘Simpsons’ Smithers Gay Reveal Was Inspired By The Writer’s Son

Homer Will Go Live On ‘The Simpsons’

After 27 seasons, Homer Simpson will appear “live” during a May episode of Fox’s The Simpsons. In the episode, Marge, Lisa and Bart will turn the show over to the family’s patriarch, who will take a break from stuffing his face to comment on the events of the day live during both the East Coast and West Coast broadcasts. The final three minutes of the May 15 show will use motion capture technology to animate actor Dan Castellaneta — the voice of Homer — in real-time.

Homer Simpson Latest To Buy YouTube Ad

In a rare collaboration, YouTube is rolling out a new commercial starring the characters from The Simpsons, in which Homer is seen using YouTube video ads to boost his snow-plow business, Mr. Plow.

Why ‘The Simpsons’ Is TV’s Most Powerful Show

‘Simpsons’ Co-Creator’s Memorabilia Going To Auction

NEW YORK (AP) — A pinball machine from “The Simpsons” and fun pinup art are among the items going to auction from the collection of the show’s co-creator Sam Simon. Sotheby’s announced Thursday that it will be selling Simon’s entire personal collection of memorabilia, fine art and other objects in a series of sales through […]

Fox Gets $250M ‘Simpsons’ Lawsuit Tossed

Harry Shearer To Return To ‘The Simpsons’

With the deal, all six principal voice actors are confirmed to return for the historic 27th and 28th seasons.

Harry Shearer Leaving ‘Simpson’ Over Salary

The actor voices Mr. Burns and Ned Flanders and has been with the show since its Tracey Ullman days.

Fox Renews ‘Simpsons’ For 2 More Seasons

Fox said Monday it has renewed the animated series for its 27th and 28th seasons, which will carry it to a total of 625 episodes. The tale of Springfield and the Simpson family is TV’s longest-running scripted nighttime series.

‘Simpson’s Co-Creator Sam Simon Dies At 59

Sam Simon, a creative force behind The Simpsons who left the show after its fourth season in a lucrative arrangement that allowed him to spend much of the rest of his life giving his money away, has died. He was 59. His death was announced today by the Sam Simon Foundation, the organization through which he donated his money. The announcement did not say where or when he died or specify the cause, although Simon learned he had cancer in late 2012.


Grammys, ‘Dead’ Premiere Knock ‘Simpsons’

With stiff competition from The Grammy Awards and The Walking Dead‘s season premiere, The Simpsons tied its lowest rating ever Sunday night. Ratings for both those programs will not be out until later today. The Grammys went until 11:45 p.m., so fast national ratings do not provide an accurate picture of the show’s performance; they measure only timeslot, not actual program, ratings and do not take into account time zone differences.

Elon Musk Stars On ‘The Simpsons’

The D’oh Of Homer: Colleges Use ‘Simpsons’

Universities across the country are using satirical references from Fox’s The Simpsons to grab students’ attention and convey lessons in literature and all manner of popular culture. “If the references are important enough to be lampooned by ‘The Simpsons,’ these works must be important cultural milestones,” says Hofstra University adjunct English professor Richard Pioreck, who has been incorporating the denizens of Springfield into his courses for about a decade.


‘Futurama’ Crossover Lifts ‘The Simpsons’

Crossovers are working well for Fox this season. After big ratings for a Family Guy-The Simpsons crossover to start the season, Simpsons got a boost from another crossover last night. Futurama’s characters dropped by for an episode that averaged a 2.9 adults 18-49 rating, up 45% over last week’s 2.0. Of course, Simpsons also had an NFL lead-in last night, which it did not have last week. But by 7:30, that lead-in had faded from a 5.3 at 7 to a 3.1, so it wasn’t as big an advantage as the show usually gets from the NFL.

Actor Hits Fox With $250M ‘Simpsons’ Suit

Actor Frank Silvero says that The Simpsons ripped off the Frankie Carbone character he played in 1990’s Goodfellas and he wants to be paid for it. In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, the actor says wants to be paid a lot — $250 million and more for the Springfield Mafia’s Louie.

Rape Joke On Fox Cartoons Draws Attention

NEW YORK (AP) — The Fox network isn’t responding to suggestions that it edit its upcoming crossover episode of “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” to remove a joke where the punch line is “your sister’s being raped.” The line appears in Sunday’s much-awaited special where Bart Simpson and his family hang around with Stewie and […]

‘The Simpsons’ Toasts 25 Years With Songs, Stars

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bart and Lisa Simpson, Chief Wiggum and son Ralph, bartender Moe and Apu from Kwik-E-Mart celebrated 25 years of “The Simpsons” in Hollywood on Friday. Those characters are performed by three actors — Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith and Hank Azaria — who hosted the world premiere of “The Simpsons Take the […]

‘The Simpsons’ Marathon Lifts Ratings For FXX

‘Simpsons’ Marathon Sets FXX Ratings Record

Prepare Yourself For ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon

PTC Writes Open Letter To Matt Groening

PTC President Tim Winter calls on The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening to not let the show perpetuate rape jokes during the crossover episode with Family Guy slated to air in the fall. A preview of the episode is available on YouTube and includes a “joke” about the rape of a character’s sister.

Simpsons Mural Coming To The Real Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. (AP) — A new mural featuring “The Simpsons” is coming to Springfield. The real Springfield. Series creator Matt Groening, who grew up in Portland, Ore., told Smithsonian magazine two years ago he named Springfield after the real one in his home state. The mural, expected to be completed in mid-September, follows several years […]

FXX Plans Marathon Telecast Of ‘The Simpsons’

NEW YORK (AP) — The FXX network plans a marathon telecast this summer of episodes of “The Simpsons” — all 552 of them consecutively. The network said Wednesday the marathon will start Aug. 21 and continue into Labor Day. FXX programming chief Chuck Saftler said it coincides with the network’s purchase of rerun rights and […]

‘Simpsons’ Honors Letterman With Couch Gag

That was quick. News of David Letterman’s announcement of his 2015 retirement broke only late Thursday afternoon, but Fox and the writers and animators behind The Simpsons already have an animated tribute to him, complete with a cameo performance by Letterman himself.

Lego Unveils ‘Simpsons’ Minifigures

‘The Simpsons’ Says Goodbye To Marcia Wallace

D’oh! Ellen’s Oscar Selfie Gets Simpsons-ized

The Simpsons paid tribute to Ellen DeGeneres’ most-retweeted photo of all time on Tuesday, recreating the group shot with the actors replaced by their yellow cartoon doppelgängers.

FXX Gets ‘Simpsons’ In Record $750M Deal

Homer and Co. are in rolling in dough: Fox’s Twentieth Century Fox TV and Twentieth TV have set a massive first-ever cable syndication and VOD sale of The Simpsons to FX Networks’ new outlet FXX that is worth more than the Gross Domestic Product of some small nations. With 530 episodes and counting, the sale is valued at upwards of $750 million over the life of the deal.


‘Simpsons’ Pays Tribute To Marcia Wallace In Open

The Simpsons Honoring Wallace With Classic Rerun

‘Simpsons,’ ‘Newhart’ Actress Marcia Wallace Dies

‘Simpsons’ Merch A Cash Cow For 20th TV

It was only two years ago that 20th Century Fox started taking consumer products a little more seriously, tapping Jeffrey Godsick to expand the way the company exploits its films and TV shows through theme park rides, live events, T-shirts, toys and other merchandise. Animated hit The Simpsons has easily been 20th’s biggest moneymaker, with the yellow characters minting a lot of green — more than $4.6 billion from the sale of consumer products alone during the series’ 25-year run. As Bart Simpson would say: Holy cash cow, man!