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The Value To Singing A Local Song

While television busies itself with the most technology-forward ways to connect with viewers using things like mobile DTV, DVRs and VOD, sometimes it’s important to remember those things that reach people beneath the innovations. Although it might just seem like a minor detail, music can stimulate familiar emotions within someone’s unconscious mind. So introducing the appropriate local music that speaks to a community is a simple element that can prove to be the difference between connecting with them and being overlooked.

Aircast Custom Produces ‘Grand Ole Opry’ Theme

The Grand Ole Opry will be returning to the airwaves this fall with a new theme, developed by Megatrax Production Music’s custom scoring division, Aircast Custom Music. The themed broadcasts can be seen on Great American Country (GAC) and heard syndicated on the Westwood One Radio Network beginning this month. Randy Hart, creative services director […]