‘Tiger King’ Ruling Could Limit ‘Fair Use’ Of Video Clips In Documentaries

Filmmakers are warning that a recent ruling in a copyright suit against Netflix over its Tiger King docuseries could restrict the use of video clips in documentaries, and upset a long-held understanding of what constitutes “fair use.”

‘Tiger King’ Star Doc Antle Set To Be Released On Bond

Bond has been set for “Tiger King” star Bhagavan “Doc” Antle on charges he laundered more than half a million dollars, money federal prosecutors have said that he believed to be the […]

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic Resentenced To 21 Years In Prison

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A federal judge resentenced “Tiger King” Joe Exotic to 21 years in prison on Friday, reducing his punishment by just a year despite pleas from the […]

‘Tiger King 2’ Among New True-Crime Documentaries From Netflix

A “Tiger King” sequel is coming to Netflix this year as part of a new true-crime lineup of documentaries to be released. Although the streamer announced the project Thursday, it is unknown what the angle for Tiger King 2 will be.

Trump Says He Will ‘Take A Look’ Into Pardoning ‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he will “take a look” into pardoning Joe Exotic, star of Netflix’s hit series Tiger King, at a coronavirus press briefing at the White House. The off-topic question immediately drew an outcry on social media.

New ‘Tiger King’ Episode Coming To Netflix