Enhanced Lawo App Goes Higher, Faster, Stronger

Lawo’s vm_avp app for the software-defined V__matrix C100 ecosystem has been enhanced again with major features, most of which are provided by license options. The new +ab_dsk license option adds video mixing and keying to the V__matrix offering. It unlocks 8 video mixing/keying instances @3G per vm_avp instance. Each instance can work in one of […]


On The NAB Exhibit Floor: Timecode Systems

Timecode Systems | Booth C2746 | Website: www.timecodesystems.com Timecode Systems designs and manufactures timecode hardware and software solutions that make it easier to capture, log, search, and synchronise content captured during multicamera film and television shoots and 360-degree virtual reality (VR) filming. New Virtual Reality Sync Solution — Over the past few years, more and […]