Gift Guide: Gadgets For Avid TV Viewers

TiVo and SlingTV can add to the TV watching experience. Here’s a look at what each does — and why you might want both.

TiVo Intros Android App For Mobile Streaming

TiVo Inc. is introducing a mobile application for users to stream TV content on their Android smartphones and tablets, adding to a similar service it offers on Apple devices. The new app, initially being introduced in the U.S., lets consumers with devices using Google’s operating software connect to their TiVo set-top box at home to watch live shows, record and playback content on the go. The app can connect with mobile phone networks as well as Wi-Fi, unlike the Apple app, which is Wi-Fi only.

New TiVo DVR Has 26,000 Hours Of Storage

TiVo is expected to unveil on Tuesday a new DVR that can record 26,000 hours  — or three years’ worth — of standard-definition TV programming. It can record about 4,000 hours in HD. The DVR is called TiVo Mega and will cost interested TV fans $5,000

TiVo Offers DVR To Viewers Without Cable

TiVo, a pioneer of digital-video recorders, is offering a DVR for people who don’t pay for cable or satellite TV services in a move designed to win over former Aereo customers. The TiVo Roamio OTA DVR can record content from broadcast networks including ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as stream Internet video from Netflix and YouTube, according to a statement today. The device costs $49.99 with service fees of $14.99 per month and a one-year commitment, and will be available at Best Buy stores starting Sept. 14.


TiVo Beats First Quarter Earnings Estimates

CEO Tom Rogers’ efforts to persuade pay TV distributors to offer TiVo boxes to customers who want online and conventional video worked better than many investors anticipated in the three months ending in April. The company says it generated $8.1 million in net income, up from a $10.3 million loss in the period last year, on revenues of $107.1 million, up 29.7%.

TiVo: C3 Sucking Millions Out Of Ad Market

In what may be the most cogent argument for the adoption of the C7 ratings currency, TiVo Research on Monday revealed that broadcasters beholden to the dated C3 metric are leaving hundreds of millions of dollars in ad sales revenue on the table.

‘Seinfeld’ Reunion Most TiVo’d Super Bowl Ad

Tivo Lays Off Most Of Its Industrial Designers

TiVo CEO: MSOs Want To Distribute Netflix

When many studios license shows to Netflix they stipulate that the content can’t be distributed in the U.S. through a pay TV operator’s set-top box — but that should change, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers told analysts Tuesday. Netflix “has clearly risen to the level of a must-have” for consumers who want streamed video. And once Netflix can negotiate changes in its contracts “increasingly we’re hearing operators wanting to include Netflix in their distribution” after years of considering it a threat.

TiVo Adds More Features To 5th Gen Box

With Roamio, TiVo has updated its DVR by adding more tuners and storage space and incorporating wireless streaming.

The 10 Most TiVo’d New Fall TV Shows

IBC 2013

TiVo Showing Off Cloud DVR At IBC


TiVo Adds A Million Subs In 2Q

TiVo Refreshes Lineup With 6-Tuner DVR

The new devices face more competition than TiVos did when they debuted in 1999. Cable and satellite TV companies are improving their own DVR offerings, while stand-alone devices such as Roku, Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast seek to simplify Internet streaming on big-screen TVs. Meanwhile, game consoles and smartphones now come with apps to do much of what TiVo does. With its new Roamio DVR, TiVo is counting on the notion that avid television viewers prefer one device to do it all.

TiVo Shareholders Urged To Challenge CEO’s Pay

Motorola Mobility Says It Has Settled With TiVo

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Motorola Mobility said Thursday that it has reached a settlement with digital video recording pioneer TiVo Inc. ahead of a patent trial that was to start in a Texas court next week. “We’re pleased that all parties involved have reached an agreement to resolve pending litigation,” Motorola Mobility spokesman William Moss […]


TiVo Executive Talks Tablets, TRA And Tebow

TiVo has a slew of initiatives in play looking to take advantage of changing consumer behavior and moving beyond its original appeal of ad avoidance.

TiVo Suggests What To Watch On Live TV

The DVR company updates its iPad app with real-time recommendations that will mix in social data and critics’ picks.

The Top 10 Biggest Threats To Pay TV

There’s a wide field of players with no shortage of innovative — but often flawed — strategies. Here’s how they stack up.


TiVo Revenue Rises 33%, But Posts $16M Loss

TiVo, Flingo Partner, Adds Showtime, TMZ Apps

TiVo Promotes Three Executives


TiVo Posts Revenue Gain Of 25% In 3Q

TiVo Reports Higher Revenue, Subs In 2Q

The company’s shares were up in after-hours trading Wednesday after slightly beating analyst expectations.

TiVo’s 20 Most Time Shifted TV Shows Of 2011-12

TiVo Buying Firm That Tracks TV Shopping

The acquisition is TRA, a research company that observes whether television viewers actually buy the products advertised during the program.


Antennas Direct, TiVo Push OTA-OTT Solution

The two companies are stepping up a joint effort to persuade consumers to cut the cable TV cord  and substitute a mix of OTA and OTT programming. Direct supplies the antennas, while TiVo supplies the box that not only records and stores off-air programming, but also interfaces with the broadband video world of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. In the works is a plan that would let stations share in the monthly fees that TiVo charges by promoting the Antennas Direct-TiVo solution. “Our goal is to create an on-going, sustainable and increasing revenue stream for stations,” says Antennas Direct’s Pete D’Acosta.

Simulmedia And TiVo Expand Data Partnership

Simulmedia, a targeted television advertising company, today announced that TiVo Inc. has expanded its partnership with Simulmedia.  Simulmedia will use TiVo’s anonymous, aggregated, second-by-second set-top-box data to expand Simulmedia’s client base beyond tune-in/promotional advertisers and “drive cost-effective reach across all advertiser categories.” Over the past year, Simulmedia has run more than 250 campaigns for 11 […]

TiVo Links With PayPal For T-Commerce

TiVo wants to use its platform for what some say is the holy grail of interactive advertising: t-commerce. The company has inked a deal with PayPal to serve as the payment processing service. TiVo plans to roll out campaigns on its interface with watch-and-buy functionality in the fall.

TiVo Adds Cisco To Lawsuit List


Rising Legal Costs Push TiVo Into The Red

TiVo Inc. reported a bigger-than-expected quarterly loss and forecast another loss for the current quarter as the maker of digital television recorders fights costly legal battles to protect its patents.

TiVo Says TWC Infringed On Its DVR Patents

TiVo’s business model seems to be based on suing companies for selling DVRs that allegedly use its patented processes to do things that users take for granted such as watching one show while recording another. And today it challenged a formidable opponent: Time Warner Cable, which has 12 million subs, is the No. 2 cable company and No. 4 pay TV provider.

TiVo And Microsoft Drop Patent Suits


Legal Settlements Rocketed TiVo’s 4Q Revs

TiVo: Viewers Watch More On DVR Than Live

TiVo says research shows that DVR-equipped viewers are watching more recorded TV and TV from over-the-top TV services like Netflix than live TV. Nearly two-thirds of the viewing on Web-connected TiVo units is now delayed television or on-demand video via broadband service.

TiVo, AT&T Settle Patent Suit For $215M

TiVo and AT&T have settled a patent lawsuit that was to start trial next week, the parties confirmed. Under the terms of the settlement, AT&T agreed to pay TiVo an initial payment of $51 million, followed by quarterly guaranteed payments through June 2018, totaling $164 million — which together yield minimum payments of $215 million.

TiVo Slapped With Patent Violation Charges

While TiVo has slapped a number of big media companies with patent infringement lawsuits — winning a big one last year against Dish TV, the DVR and interactive TV systems provider has itself been hit with several suits alleging that it has infringed on the patents of others.The latest to file suit against TiVo is Digital CBT LLC.


TiVo Protects Patents, Bets Big On Advanced TV

TiVo: TV Promos Don’t Mean TV Success

Looking to enlighten old TV marketing efforts, new research from TiVo says a study of the new fall TV series reveals that a high number of TV program promo airings does not necessarily equate to getting viewers to watch the premiere episode.

Rogers: Panel-Based Ratings Put TV ‘At Risk’

Television is in trouble if it continues to rely on “much weaker data than, say, the Internet is able to provide,” says Tom Rogers, who as CEO of TiVo has a vested interest in set-top box audience measurement. “I don’t think (it) can go on much longer without that kind of precision and accountability.”