TiVo Focuses On TV Software Packages

For TiVo, the future will be less about DVRs and more about creating advanced TV software packages for cable systems and other pay TV operators that integrate all forms of on-demand content.

Ever Wonder What The Most-Tivo’d Shows Are?


TiVo Loss Grows In 2Q Despite Revenue Gain

TiVo To Buy Back Stock Following 25% Price Drop

Struggling TiVo Tries To Reinvent Itself, Again

TiVo has long struggled to find a permanent place in the living room, and with the DVR market dying, there’s a new urgency to its quest. So now the company has stumbled into what it hopes will be the key to its future, a reinvention as easy-to-use gateway and platform for all types of video content.

TiVo Unveils 4-Tuner HD DVR For Cable

After Months Of Talks, TiVo Adds Hulu Plus

Premiere subscribers were told in September that Hulu Plus, the online streaming site’s paid service, would be added to the DVR service and it’s finally here. Meanwhile, TiVo hopes the addition of Hulu Plus’ content will help draw in consumers. As part of its marketing program, TiVo and Hulu will offer six months of free Hulu Plus service to newly purchased TiVo Premiere DVRs.

Dish, EchoStar To Pay $500M TiVo Settlement

TiVo first sued Dish and EchoStar in 2004 for infringing on patents covering its “Time Warp” digital video recorder technology.

Court Upholds Dish Contempt Filing

A U.S. appeals court upheld on Wednesday a finding that EchoStar Corp. was in contempt of a patent infringement injunction involving TiVo Inc. technology, raising hopes the long legal battle could end with a TiVo victory.

TiVo E-Mail Database Hacked

Motorola Mobility Sues TiVo Over DVR Patents

NEW YORK (AP) — Motorola Mobility Inc. is suing TiVo Inc., alleging that TiVo’s signature digital video recorder set-top boxes use technology patented by Motorola. “We pride ourselves on our strong R&D (research and development) and intellectual property and will move aggressively to protect that value on behalf of our customers, partners and shareholders,” Motorola […]

Virgin Media Launches TiVo-Powered Web TV

U.K. cable TV operator Virgin Media is launching an on-demand TV, gaming and Web-enabled entertainment service powered by high-speed Internet, which is capable of standard-definition, HD and 3D services.


TiVo Widens Loss, Misses Street

TiVo Creates iPad Remote Control App

TiVo, EchoStar Wrangle Over DVR Patent Appeal


CBS Beats NBC In Promo Success

Running a bunch of TV promos doesn’t always get you the most viewers for your TV shows. TiVo points to how NBC’s new shows performed so far this fall, versus where CBS put its efforts.