Tom Steyer Spends Millions On Ads In S.C.

Seeking inroads in the state, Steyer, a hedge-fund billionaire, is paying black vendors, hiring black staff members and appearing in rural outposts, lavishing money and attention. It’s paying dividends. Since he announced his bid in July, Steyer has spent roughly $14 million on local broadcast ads in the state; that’s about 70% of the total spent on political ads in South Carolina by all candidates, Democratic and Republican.

Bloomberg, Steyer Saturate The Airwaves

Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer have hit the $200 million mark combined, and Bloomberg, at least, is just getting started.

Fox Cancels Trump Impeachment Ads

Fox News has canceled ads purchased by Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer that call for President Trump’s impeachment. “Due to the strong negative reaction to their ad by our viewers, we could not in good conscience take their money,” Fox News said.