Gage Returns In Sinclair’s ATSC 3.0 Effort

Former NAB CTO Kevin Gage has been named EVP of ONE Media, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s joint venture that is developing technology it hopes will become the ATSC 3.0 next-gen TV transmission standard.


Aitken: Compatibility Is Next-Gen Imperative

Any new broadcast TV technical standard must “harmonize” with the standards used by wireless mobile operator and the white space spectrum user communities, according to Sinclair’s tech guru Mark Aitken. That’s why Sinclair is working on an alternative to ATSC 3.0 along with Coherent Logix. Their joint venture, ONE Media, will create a platform that relies on software-defined radios in consumer devices ranging from LTE mobile phones to tomorrow’s TVs to make updates possible so TV stations don’t get locked into a standard that quickly becomes obsolete.