Social Media At 11 (And Other Newscasts)

TV stations are arming themselves with software that allows them to slice and dice social media to gauge audience interest in stories, share viewer feedback and even predict what stories will become larger issues in the future. Other software speeds social integration into newscasts.

Jill Manuel To Lead TopicPulse Partnership Efforts

Futuri Media on Wednesday named Jill Manuel director of TopicPulse partnership development. Futuri said Manuel’s expertise with broadcast newsroom digital integration and history blending compelling journalism and engagement will provide a strategic resource for Futuri’s TopicPulse partners. Manuel, a journalist for 20 years, joins Futuri after two years as assistant news director at Fox-owned WFLD […]

Futuri Media Rolls Out TopicPulse V3.0

Futuri Media, a provider of interactive leveraging technology for media has added a number of new features and a new design for its social media intel system, TopicPulse.  Scanning Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, message boards, blogs and news sources, TopicPulse provides real-time guidance on what’s trending in local social media on national and global scales. With […]