How Reach, Ad Impact Relate To Total Aud.

As the media world changes the patterns and tendencies of consumers everywhere, Nielsen says it’s finding more and more examples of why it’s important to judge each platform by the three basic cross-platform tenets: how many people use each platform, how often do they do so and how long do they stay.

Nielsen Reveals Total Audience Data Results

The race is on for seamless, de-duplicated cross platform measurement. Nielsen recently shared results some initial data findings from its Total Audience solution.

How Nielsen Jiggers Total Audience

As Nielsen pushes its “total audience” measurement system as the new currency for a hybrid TV and video advertising marketplace, some fundamental issues remain — especially the fact that Nielsen will effectively be adding many more sources of video viewing to the measured universe, and consequently, will fragment the TV/video advertising marketplace beyond anything Madison Avenue has experienced to date.

A First Look At Total Audience Measurement

Nielsen is putting the finishing touches on total audience measurement and gave Adweek an exclusive look at its new multiplatform measurement tool, which it says will forever change the industry. The company will begin sharing data with its clients this December and roll out the tool’s full capabilities early next year.

CBS OTT Gets Nielsen Digital Certification

CBS is the first broadcast network to include digital audience measurement in its television ratings by incorporating Nielsen’s SDK metering technology into the CBS All Access experience within the network’s mobile apps and online video player.

Nielsen: Total Measurement By Year End

“By the end of this year, we’ll have most of these pieces in place,” said Steve Hasker, Nielsen’s global president, referring to the firm’s total audience measurement, which he said will provide a total audience read across all linear and digital platforms daily. The new data, he added Monday, will give advertisers, buyers and networks “the ammunition to move beyond C3 and C7” when it comes to advertising metrics.