Monitor Tower Lighting Or Be Prepared To Pay

The FCC announced that Scripps Broadcasting has agreed to a $1.13 million settlement to resolve violations of tower lighting monitoring rules. What makes this case especially interesting is that the party who is paying the fine and instituting a years-long compliance plan wasn’t even the party responsible for the wrongdoing.


FAA To Ease Tower Light Outage Reporting

If you’re responsible for a tower subject to lighting requirements imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration, your life may be getting a bit easier early next year. According to an advisory issued by the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, the FAA is modifying its notification process to allow folks reporting lighting outages to specify, in their initial notices, the amount of time they expect to need to get the outage fixed.

FCC Makes Tower Owners’ Lives Easier

Operating a communications tower can always lead to issues, but two recent FCC decisions give tower owners some degree of relief.